Specialist dealer Richard Meara organises the small biannual photograph fair held within Etc Fairs’ ephemera event. He is fully booked with 10 dealers at the February event selling 19th and 20th century photos that tell us stories from a vanished world. This 1885 albumen print of Indian snake charmers is priced at £50 with Meara.

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Mike Kemp is a regular exhibitor of books and ephemera at this fair and has a marvellous item on his site: an 1883 poster priced at £750 advertising a military chess tournament in the middle of London with the living pieces played by members of the Household Brigade.

Ephemera is a crossover into the world of postcards, maps, posters and prints and this is the place to come looking for it all in one spot. With the bonus of vintage photography.

Jeffery is hoping to organise another themed event this year, a ‘pulp and paperback’ fair, so do get in touch with her if you are an interested exhibitor.

The ephemera fair takes place at the Holiday Inn, Coram Street in central London.