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I have agreed to consign him one of my paintings by Sir Alfred Munnings, in order to avoid the 5% Artist’s Resale Right levy that the buyer would be obliged to pay if the same painting were auctioned in the UK.

I am not the only UK dealer who is consigning their sporting paintings to his sale. Doesn’t it tell you something when US auctioneers are now coming to London to take over the business that traditionally has been dominated by the UK for decades?

This is totally ridiculous and, if duplicated by other UK dealers, will result in further unemployment among the skilled art-related people here in the UK.

Surely it is time for our trade associations to jointly lobby the appropriate MP to get this illogical act deleted from our statute book.

This is because an approach from official trade bodies will get much more attention than the voice of just one individual.

Unless and until ARR is imposed worldwide (which is most unlikely to happen), unemployment among art related crafts people will continue to wreak its unnecessary havoc.

Jeremy Taylor

Formerly owner of the Taylor Gallery Limited which sadly has now closed partly due to ARR