Mark Jameson

Mark Jameson of Trinity Marine.

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1 How did you get your start?

I was trained up by my father in the art of MOD surplus skulduggery and started selling army rations and kit at school (lots of constipated kids). By the time I left school the MOD job was over. We took a trip to Pakistan in 1996 to see the SS Canberra ocean liner getting scrapped and our stripping ships chapter started. Dealing in marine antiques followed shortly after.

2 What is something you would love to get your hands on?

Something from Shackleton’s expedition.

3 One item you could not do without?

I have a builder’s plate from RMS Windsor Castle. Someone tried to bully us out of it and we beat them in court. It represents strength and integrity and I now use it as a doormat to my man cave.

Lighthouse lens

A great discovery – lens from the last lighthouse that Titanic passed.

4 What is your favourite appearance of an antique in a film, play or book?

Our ships’ telegraphs featuring in Titanic. We supply lots of TV and film as well as retail shops, restaurants and bars. Recent projects include Battersea Power Station, Selfridges, Star Wars and Das Boot (2018).

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Neither: ‘Lady Boys’, a pint of ‘larger’ with a Baileys and a gin and tonic chaser.