Some of the 34 Martinware birds on show at the Martin Brothers anniversary exhibition from June 13-22 at Salisbury auction house Woolley & Wallis.

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I have contacted museums to ask why they are not holding exhibitions but have not received satisfactory replies.

Martinware is fetching new record prices nearly every month but these museums do not seem interested. They would perhaps, like Leeds Art Gallery, rather have a lump of coal on show which they call art.

Setting an example

These two auction houses have spent thousands of pounds of their own money to stage the exhibitions and provide collectors with two excellent new colour catalogues (the only two new books this century on the Martin Brothers).


A view of Kinghams’ show held from March 27-April 1.

If you missed the Kinghams exhibition, Woolley & Wallis’ show at Salisbury starts on June 13. If you would like the two catalogues they can be purchased directly from the auction houses.

John White