Bernard Shapero in his London gallery.

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What other events do you attend?

Several of the major art fairs, such as Frieze Masters, Masterpiece (recently closed), Miami Art, and then of course all the major book fairs around the world.

Why do fairs remain important today?

They give both the dealer and collector (plus institutions) the chance to meet up in relaxed surroundings to calmly view, and discuss the acquisition of art.

It gives buyers the opportunity to review tens if not hundreds of different dealers, all within a short space of time and all in one location.

They are an antidote to auctions, where decisions need to be made in a hurried and sometimes overly competitive environment.

I think that fairs and auctions probably make up almost 70-80% of people’s buying opportunities. It is a place for the world’s best dealers to showcase their newest and best wares, to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time.

What keeps you coming back to TEFAF?

The quality of the exhibitors, visitors, museum and library institutions that attend, and the wonderful all-round attractiveness of the fair in its amazing presentation. Which I think is probably one of the finest of all fairs.

What is on your stand this year?

We will be showing a group of very finely illustrated bird books from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as a small group of Chinese printed albums of views of the 18th century emperors’ battle victories.