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I loved his plummy accent and his grubby fingernails, but most of all his expertise. I miss a lot of the earlier experts on the Roadshow, but I know that it has to move on. Condolences to his family and friends.

Ridiculous rules

With regard to Michael Baggott’s letter, also in ATG No 2583, how sad to read of all the thousands of items, stripped of their ivory, then hopefully sold at auction, but will be bought only for scrap value, destroyed through this stupid government Ivory Act.

I and others said all along that dealers and experts in the ivory antiques world should have been heavily involved in this ivory problem, but this was just ignored.

As an after-thought, can the government tell us how many elephants and tusked animals have been saved in the last 10 months due to this ridiculous act?

Robert Duckworth