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Right at the very end of the day at Kempton, when about a dozen people had left, a gang came in.

Thankfully security were all over it. Watching and communicating on radios. A trader who was followed last time was kept under observation by security and there was even a guy watching her car from the roof. I was very impressed by them.

Separately, another department of the police force is taking these gangs extremely seriously and working behind the scenes which is excellent news.

They now realise that this is a big gang and needs to be broken up.

Thanks are due to Antiques Trade Gazette for listening initially to the poor grass-roots members of the trade and believing us and running with it. We can’t thank you enough.

This undoubtedly raised awareness and helped us make the powers-that-be take notice and not fob us off

Limit risk

As a reminder, here are some tips on how to limit risk: Everyone must still be extra vigilant, not just of themselves and for themselves but for their neighbours and people working alone. Check tyres before driving off, be alert to people sitting in cars or hanging around near gates, alter and vary routes and procedures, split any money and stock and vary what you put in which bag. Other tips include wear gilets and bum bags under your coats. Above all else, remember they are watching!

We don’t want people to become complacent and oblivious.

These robberies are life altering. Not just financially, but are terrifying experiences and so intimidating. We cannot allow them to wreck businesses and lives.

As with all organised crime we need organised resistance! Read more security tips from fair organisers via ATG here: atg.news/fairsecuritytips

From a third-generation antiques dealer specialising in jewellery