Captain Wilton John Rix’s 1914/15 medals trio, priced £325 by Great War Medals.

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He asked foe “old or new, games or other means of recreation, such as dominoes, draughts, packs of cards, boxing gloves, mouth organs or footballs for the men of this unit. I am in charge of three detachments, living in dugouts, barns, and stables a few hundred yards behind the firing line.

“The mud, and the cold, and the wet, and the advent of stray shells, or rifle bullets, are less difficult for the men to endure than the heartbreaking monotony under which their very arduous work is carried on. The long, dark nights are particularly trying.”

Captain Rix’s 1914/15 Trio, pictured, is for sale at £325 with Great War Medals at the Britannia Medal Fair in London on November 19.

Held by an auction house

Organised since 2018 by specialist auction house Noonans, the Britannia Medal Fair will run as it always has for 30-plus years at the Victory Services Club in central London, near Marble Arch, with this year’s event on Sunday, November 19.

The 43 exhibitors include Mark Carter, the fair’s organiser, the London Medal Company, DCM Medals and the Medal Centre. Auction houses taking stands include AH Baldwin & Sons, Woolley & Wallis and Spink & Son.

Oliver Pepys, a medal specialist at Noonans, said: “We at Noonans are delighted to continue to host the fair. It holds a very special place in the hearts of many collectors.

“For some it may be where they were first introduced to medal collecting or when they were inspired to begin collecting a particular regiment or conflict. For others it might have been where they bought that elusive medal to help complete a group or collection.”

For organisational information about the fair contact For the list of exhibitor names check the Noonans website below.