A selection of 1910-30s teddy bears and monkeys that will be among the stock at prices from £80-300 of collector/dealer Daniel Agnew at Hugglets Teddies Festival in London on September 17.

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The next is on Sunday, September 17, at Kensington Town Hall in London.

Organiser Sebastian Marquadt said: “Even though the events are smaller than before the pandemic the line-up features 70 well-known worldwide artist bear-makers, while antique and vintage dealers form a significant part of this festival.”

These include specialist dealer and collector Daniel Agnew, who knows everything teddy-bear related, having run Christie’s teddy bear auctions from 2000-07. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Hugglets festivals: “I have had a stand at these events since 2007 – it’s the best teddy bear festival in the country.”

Old bear dealers here include Leanda Harwood, Bourton Bears, All You Can Bear and Old Bears Lodge.