Brockholes Nature Reserve

The PBFA's recent fair at Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston. 

Image: Rachel Fellman.

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It has teamed up with The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (ABA) to launch the two-day book fair at the Bath Pavilion on July 26-27, 2024.

The PBFA previously hosted a one-day event in a different venue in Bath and a two-day event in Bristol. However, due to venue availability and other changes it will now focus on this new two-day premier fair.

Up to 85 dealers will offer a “broad range of books, maps, posters, artwork, ephemera, manuscripts and related materials to suit all pockets”.

Bath fair manager Daniel Ahern said: “Fairs are looking much better following a recovery in the past year or so.”

The ABA and PBFA run several joint fairs together, including one in Edinburgh.

Kent fair

The PBFA Tunbridge Wells event is scheduled for February with more details to follow. PBFA chair John Morten said: “The PBFA has been re-invigorated post-Covid with an increasing demand for faceto- face book fairs. Membership is growing, and so is public demand.”

Brockholes Nature Reserve

The PBFA's recent fair at Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston. Image: Rachel Fellman.

As reported in ATG no 2608, PBFA’s membership figures have grown by 25 in the past 12 months, bringing the total members to around 400. Earlier this year it launched a new premier twoday book fair at the Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston in Lancashire (pictured above and top) and a smaller event in Hay-on-Wye in Powys. It will also hold a new one-day fair in Oxford on October 21 (adding to its existing two-day event in the city in April). It is also adding a UK Fine Press Fair in Oxford on December 9-10 for The Fine Press Book Association.

Its next large event is the York National Book Fair on September 15-16.