Rock-Ola 120 HiFi jukebox 1458 (serial no 172405), 1950s, sold for £1800 at Brighton & Hove Auctions.

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One well-known brand is Rock-Ola, which has been making them since 1927 and was one of the biggest names of the 1950s-60s. Demand for jukeboxes wound down in the 1970s.

A Rock-Ola 120 HiFi jukebox 1458 (serial no172405), described as being in working order with records (1957-58), came up at Brighton & Hove Auctions (18% buyer’s premium) on March 14, estimated at £1000-2000, it sold for £1800.


Rock-Ola R453 jukebox, c.1970s, sold for £500 at Burstow & Hewett.

Dating to the 1970s, a more recent Rock-Ola R453 jukebox with vinyl records, in working order, was snapped up for a low-estimate £500 at Battle saleroom Burstow & Hewett (20% buyer’s premium) on the same day. It came with a selection of old 10p and 50p coins for use but had some condition issues related to use and age.

Space race inspiration


A c.1961 AMI Continental 1 jukebox, £4200 at Auctioneum.

The c.1961 AMI Continental 1 jukebox in chrome and metal with turquoise detailing is said to have been inspired by the space race at a time when most were influenced by car design.

It featured a round concave display list over an exposed record player area with glass dome, and the front had a metal mesh decorated with a chrome star.

It was made by AMI (Automatic Musical Instruments Co, formed in 1925 but with roots dating back to 1909) just before it merged with a similar company to become Rowe-AMI.

The approximately 5ft 3in high (1.61m) model No XJCA-200, serial number 596656 was offered ‘as untested’, with user manuals, at Auctioneum (21% buyer’s premium) in Bath on March 28 and sold within estimate at £4200.