The Treasure House Fair

Chelsea Pensioners on the stand of Daniel Crouch Rare Books at the 2023 edition of The Treasure House Fair.

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Since the withdrawal of the UK from the EU on January 31, 2020 importing and exporting has become more complicated and costly. Many overseas dealers have been deterred from exhibiting at shows in the UK due to the added layer of complexity.

London’s flagship antiques fair has agreed a deal with logistics firm Momart. Effectively it means overseas exhibitors at the fair can use the customs procedure known as Temporary Admissions (TA) via Momart to import and export their items for the fair under a single arrangement with the shipping firm.

Exhibitors will get a special rate for the use of the TA and the fair and Momart will jointly subsidise this cost and manage paperwork.

Brexit costs

Thomas Woodham-Smith, co-founder and director of The Treasure House Fair, said: “The fair will pay the ‘Brexit’ part of the costs for those overseas exhibitors working with Momart. We have had many exhibitors who are interested to stand at the fair but have been put off by the complexity of importing and exporting into the UK.”

He added: “For the fair to underwrite this cost is unusual but we see this as a great offer to reunite us with our European friends and neighbours.”

The deal has taken a while to agree so Woodham-Smith acknowledges that it will have a smaller impact this year. However, once up and running, it will be a bigger help for future years.

He added: “This will make the headache of importing and exporting less of a migraine.”

Last month the fair announced it had hired The Winter Show’s executive director Helen Allen as its development director to boost its presence overseas to attract visitors and exhibitors alike.

The Treasure House Fair returns to Royal Hospital Chelsea for its second edition on June 26-July 2.