Raoul Dufy, Portrait of Madame Raoul Dufy, gouache on paper, £25,000 from Ottocento.

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Running until March 2, the show covers 19th and 20th century works from the Post-Impressionist to the avant-garde to the Art Deco movement. Dufy, associated with the Fauvist movement, completed this portrait of his wife in 1915 in gouache on paper.

Other highlights include a collection of decorative still-life and landscape paintings by Post-Impressionist Lyonnais artist Jean Dulac and a collection of theatre and furniture Art Deco designs by Romain de Tirtoff (known as Erté) from his personal collection.


Louis Marchand des Raux, La chute de cheval, pastel on paper, £900 from Ottocento.

There is also a collection of six pastel on paper works by Louis Marchand des Raux (1902-2000) who grew up so impoverished that he did not attend school. Self-taught, his works caught the eye of the dealer Aimé Maeght (1906-81) and he later moved in the circles of established artists such as Utrillo, Dubuffet and Giacometti.