The look of love: a customer comes eye-to-eye with a vintage bear at Hugglets Bear Festival

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An impressive 80 stands will be laden with bears and other furry critters including antique and vintage offerings. There’s even a hospital at the fair offering treatment to injured bears: a torn ear here, a ripped off limb there.

Toys and teddy bears’ specialist Daniel Agnew is a regular exhibitor and will also be offering valuations on the day. Agnew co-organises the International Doll, Teddy Bear and Toy Fair: 200 Years of Childhood at Kensington Town Hall on October 13. He is currently looking for more dealers to support the event.


This rare c.1922-1926 Felix the Cat by JK Farnell priced at £850 with dealers Leanda Harwood and Peter Woodcock at Hugglets Bear Festival in London on February 25.