Fine art specialist Florence Evans.

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Plenty of dealers prefer to go their own way, and for Florence Evans, previously of Mark Weiss and The Fine Art Society, that was the plan.

“It was always my ambition to ultimately deal solo,” she says. “As a working mother naturally plagued with guilt about not being physically present enough for my daughter while sitting in someone else’s gallery, it has been a relief and joy to finally achieve the right balance. I wish I’d had the confidence to do it sooner!”

The galleries gave her invaluable training, security and the assurance to ultimately go independent, says Evans, and she has not looked back.


Still-life of flowers by Midge Bruford (1902-58), c.1930, priced £6850 by Florence Evans.

What about looking forward, though? So far, she says, leaving the business in someone else’s hands is not something she’s considered.

“I don’t think a dealer ever retires, do they?! I don’t aspire to a physical gallery space, so succession for me isn’t really a priority,” Evans adds. “As long as I am growing my business, handling beautiful art, meeting fascinating people and dealing from the comfort of my home and enjoying the collegiate buzz of fairs - that’s the end game for me.”