Massier workshop vase, $16,000 (£12,900) at Abell.

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The 2ft (61cm) high vessel was decorated with iridescent violet and purple bats in flight against a ground of pine needles.

It came for sale as part of the collection of Toni Lynn Russo, one-time wife of legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Many of the best Massier lustre pieces were designed by the Symbolist painter Lucian Lévy-Dhurmer who served as artistic director of the studio at Golfe-Juan, near Cannes, from 1880-95. They were sold from a salon in Paris opened around the turn of the 20th century.

This large vase was not in perfect condition. There were several stable hairline cracks throughout body and evidence of professional repairs to mouth and neck. However, modestly guided at $1000-2000, it hammered for $16,000 (£12,900).