Hingham Antiques Collectors Fair
A corner of the longstanding monthly Hingham Antiques & Collectors’ Fair. This picture was taken on August 21 at the first of the fairs recently taken over by Philip Crosthwaite and his wife Claire.

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The market town in rural Norfolk whose gentry was described by an 18th century source as “being so fashionable in their dress as to be called by their neighbours as Little London”.

Crosthwaite said: “The fair is well attended by the public and it seemed the perfect way to expand our business, which is just four miles away.

“We are interested in quality design and interiors and the mixture of traditional antiques and how that works alongside practical modern living.”

He added: “I recently saw in a property a large 1920s Moorcroft vase standing on a white Perspex table with a chocolate coloured wall behind. I have never seen a Moorcroft vase look so good.”

The next Hingham Antiques & Collectors’ Fair is held in the sports hall, Hingham, on Sunday, September 25.

Philip Crosthwaite of Cloverleaf Home Interiors

Philip Crosthwaite of Cloverleaf Home Interiors pictured in his home interiors business in Norfolk which he set up in 2007.

Crosthwaite began dealing full time in 2007 when he set up Cloverleaf Home Interiors. He began with just £500, trading online from his Norfolk home as well as a showroom.

Previously he had been an school teacher with a degree in child psychology, whose CV up to his teaching job might be described as ‘varied’. It included cleaning toilets at the Lotus car factory in Norfolk to deadheading hothouse camellias, plus seven years in the retail butchery trade.

During his teaching years he had an interest in treen and antique furniture and dabbled in the trade.

At the time when he took the  plunge and began as a full-time dealer he told ATG: “What more could I want in life? I get to see and handle beautiful pieces of furniture every day and I have customers who give me excellent feedback.”

Contact info@hinghamantiquesfair.co.uk.