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An issue of The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, available from the dealership’s website for $750, includes a front-page article on the impeachment of Massachusetts Chief Justice Peter Oliver (1713-91).

He was granted his position in 1772, shortly before the American Revolutionary War when tensions were running between the Loyalists, who supported British rule, and the Patriots who were eager for revolution.

When the British proposed a plan to raise the salaries of the justices, using money from the crown, all declined except for Oliver. In 1774, public outrage over his Loyalist leanings led him to be impeached. He later argued that the revolution was illegal and destined to fail. He departed the colonies when the Loyalists were evacuated from Boston in 1776.

The paper features a woodcut in the masthead engraved by Paul Revere, a famous Patriot. It depicts lady Britannia setting the bird of peace free from its cage with the town of Boston in the background.

Bird 1759 Historical Antiques is based in Connecticut and also sells from Instagram (@bird1975antiques).