The ivory trade ban is being debated by MPs (ATG No 2347).

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May I put in a word for the government which is proposing a total ban?

This is the way forward.

Once ivory, all of which whatever its age comes from dead elephants, is no longer a valuable commodity, then trade will eventually cease.

It will simply take time for people in the trade with vested interests, to get used to this. But as a policy, it is definitely a move in the right direction.

Niall Milligan


‘Olympic’ Defra arrogance

MADAM – The casual non-response to the excellent letter from Fletcher Wallis by the so-called Defra ‘spokesperson’, (ATG No 2347), who says nothing of any value, betrays an Olympic arrogance which quite takes one’s breath away.

Far from the ivory sales ban taking account of the views and evidence received, as claimed, it would appear that Defra has, in fact, ignored the evidence.

It has accepted only the views of the emotive and vociferous brigade, who are interested in heritage destruction, rather than in actually saving elephants.

What does the spokesman now have to say about the numerous forthcoming claims for compensation against the government, reaching a multi-million pound total, in respect of ivory objects bought legally, but which will shortly be illegal to sell, unless sense belatedly prevails?

Defra has accepted only the views of the emotive and vociferous brigade

Gavin Littaur

London NW4

Use premium for protection

MADAM – I wonder if auctioneers might consider using their buyer’s premium from antique ivory sales, or part of it, to conserve the elephant species?

Residual income for elephant conservation and recycling of ivory could be achieved.

Dermot Murphy