Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: It was Whistler who pioneered the 'white cube'

15 July 2024

The fascinating article on the exhibition of Kasmin’s photographs suggests that he arguably invented the ‘white cube’ concept (Dealers’ Diary, ATG No 2651).


ATG letter: Third things first – it’s a William not a George

08 July 2024

At the risk of sounding pedantic, the coin illustrated on the Back Page (ATG No 2651) regarding Tim Millett’s book on engraved coins is a coin of William III (not George III), so some hundred years earlier than stated.


Defaced coins tell their own story at election time

01 July 2024

BADA dealer Timothy Millett, a specialist in historical medals and related works of art, says today’s election debates have nothing on an 18th century hustings.


Fundraising plea for Brain Tumour Charity

24 June 2024

A fundraising campaign to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity has been launched following the news that George Wade, a well known member of the auctioneering community, was diagnosed with a double brain tumour.


ATG letter: Howzat for an early cricket photo

24 June 2024

I have recently purchased a Victorian photo album which might contain the earliest cricket photos, c.1852.


ATG letter: I feel I should post some praise for this service

24 June 2024

I have frequently locked horns with auction houses over their increasing postage costs.


Book review: The gavel man Charlie Ross in his own words

24 June 2024

Most people will be familiar with Charlie Ross due to his garrulous presence on TV screens for many years, across several BBC antiques programmes.

Seminar set up to discuss challenge of new EU art import rules

24 June 2024

British trade associations concerned about impending EU legislation that will affect UK exports will brief dealers on the changes at a seminar in London on June 28.


ATG letter: Policing will save ivory, not an antique trade ban

24 June 2024

Oh dear, here we go again (‘Crackdown on marine ivory trade: date revealed’, ATG No 2649).

Letter: why ATG’s got a drinking problem

24 June 2024

I always enjoy your 5 Questions column (Dealers’ Diary).


ATG letter: Armorial badges puzzler

10 June 2024

I am trying to find out the source of 15 what, I believe, are armorial badges which have been attached to a board.


Bruce Fearn: ‘It was a privilege to have known him’

27 May 2024

I was sad to read your obituary in ATG No 2644 about Bruce Fearn.


ATG letter: First appearances also worth a look

27 May 2024

Further to Richard Fattorini’s article on second and later editions in ATG No 2643 (‘Worth having second thoughts’), first appearances are also of interest.


‘On the Medway’ looks more like ‘On the Deben’ to me

20 May 2024

The view described as ‘On the Medway’ (International, ATG No 2640) appears to me to be a view on the River Deben.


ATG letter: Plaque shows symbolic purpose

20 May 2024

I write in response to the letter ‘This plaque has been a puzzler for decades’ in ATG No 2642.


ATG Letter: ‘The first black person depicted on a sampler’

13 May 2024

Two readers add to the discussion on the depiction of a figure in a sampler


This plaque has been a puzzler for decades

06 May 2024

Some 50 years ago, indeed prior to the beginning of my subscription with the ATG in 1971, I acquired this oval silver plaque, dateable to the late 18th/early 19th century on stylistic grounds, measuring 29 x 89mm and weighing 44gms, with a plain reverse.


Two new books to light up your reading time

06 May 2024

A book on bicycle lights and one on SCotish furniture are among the latest books to be published in the world of art and antiques.


ATG letter: Does this clock in Queensland have the look of a French Morey design?

29 April 2024

I came across a clock on thesaleroom.com which sold for €110 at the Derksen Veilingbedrijf auction house in Arnhem in 2022.