Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Look to the future for a flourishing trade

22 February 2021

MADAM – I am writing in response to the article regarding the EU ban on import and export of antique ivory outside of the EU (front page, ATG No 2480).


ATG letter: How Plymouth did Beryl proud

22 February 2021

MADAM – Further to your piece on Beryl Cook at auction (Art Market, ATG No 2480), Plymouth put on a magnificent retrospective exhibition at the Council House in 2017 which was co-curated by Beryl Cook’s family [Our Beryl: Beryl Cook at Home].

ATG letters: Trade bodies merger plea: one Jeremy for, one against…

22 February 2021

MADAM – At the risk of boring your readers with yet another letter from me, I would like to endorse Kay Michie’s very sensible suggestion that one organisation representing the antiques trade would be better than two (Letters, ATG No 2479).


It’s a country house by Bawden, in Essex, but a puzzle otherwise

22 February 2021

Essex auction house Sworders is asking ATG readers to help identify the manor house, also in Essex, featured in this Edward Bawden (1903-89) watercolour.

ATG letter: Memories of saleroom life as a lowly porter…

15 February 2021

MADAM – Christopher Howe’s reminiscences and observations (‘Auction Giants Sotheby’s and Christie’s have turned this multicolour business into beige’, Letters, ATG No 2478) bring back happy memories.

ATG letter: An antiques dealer besotted by Black Forest bear

15 February 2021

MADAM – After a lifetime as an antiques dealer, one continuous theme I have noticed is that all my fellow traders have thousands of stories of there esoteric life. Some true and some enhanced for effect, but a real insight into our bizarre way of life.

ATG letter: Abolishing ARR is a must

15 February 2021

MADAM – Having been dealing with European auction houses and art dealers for over 50 years, including the period before the introduction of ARR (Artist’s Resale Right), it is tragic to discover the only excuse that the negotiators can present for the continuation of this imposition is a ‘level playing field’ (News, ATG No 2476).


ATG letter: Magna Carta medal puzzler

15 February 2021

MADAM - Re ‘Magna Carta Shines in Silver’, Auction Reports, ATG No 2476.


ATG letter: Brexit makes single trade body a vital step

15 February 2021

MADAM – It will come as no surprise that I, for one, wholeheartedly support the proposal from Kaye Michie (see Letters & Opinion, ATG No 2479) that the two antiques dealer associations, BADA and LAPADA, should be merged.

ATG letter: Time to ask the members for their opinions

15 February 2021

MADAM – It has been a rough sea for BADA of late and I sincerely hope that BADA will not become ‘The Flying Dutchman’ of the Art and Antique world: endlessly at sea, talking to itself with neither destination nor home port.

ATG letter: Proper debate on merger is needed

15 February 2021

MADAM – Further to Kaye Michie’s suggestion of merging our two antiques associations, I would like to say as a longstanding member and past council member of the BADA, shouldn’t now be the time the BADA council asked its membership for their views?


ATG letter: We are creating auction catalogues database

15 February 2021

MADAM – There is some hope for a replacement to the regrettable but understandable Covid-related closure of the Christie’s archives highlighted by the trade associations and the letter (ATG No 2476) from Mike Sanderson.

ATG letter: Trade associations must be inclusive and streamlined

08 February 2021

MADAM – I would like to open up the discussion on merging the two major antique trade associations BADA and LAPADA.


ATG letter: An artist’s royalty payment is nothing like a musician’s

08 February 2021

MADAM – I do not see the controversy around ARR within the art market going away as long as it is in existence – because its existence is so peculiar.


ATG letter: Auction giants Sotheby’s and Christie’s have ‘turned this multicolour business into beige’

01 February 2021

MADAM – Re: Sotheby’s outpaces Christie’s across ‘transformative’ year (front page, ATG No 2474).


ATG letter: ARR takes to the field again

01 February 2021

MADAM – Could somebody please explain to me how ARR creates “a level playing field” when it does not apply in Switzerland, America or Hong Kong (‘ARR is here to stay’, front page, ATG No 2476)?


ATG letter: Appeal to track down Constance Spry items

01 February 2021

MADAM – I am curating an exhibition being held by the Garden Museum, London, this year which will celebrate the life and achievements of Constance Spry (1886-1960), florist and gardener.

ATG letter: An ‘overdue tribute’

01 February 2021

MADAM – I would like to pay an (overdue) tribute to Antiques Trade Gazette.


ATG letter: No need to panic about anti money laundering rules

25 January 2021

MADAM – The 2020 National Risk Assessment report, published late last year, rates the art market as ‘high’ risk for money laundering.

ATG letter: One day we’ll be back to the fairs

18 January 2021

MADAM – Thank you to ATG for keeping us up to date with all the goings on in the antique, art and book world in 2020 while this dreadful virus has curtailed all our visits to antique fairs, book fairs etc.