Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: ‘Old white men’ is in itself an offensive term

25 September 2023

At 59, I am not sure whether the ‘Young Guard’ at Forum Auctions (ATG No 2609) would count me as an old man, but like a great many of us in the British antiques trade, in books and otherwise, of course I am white.


ATG letter: The Crystal Palace showcase was not unlike the Paris Salon

25 September 2023

With regards to J Boyle of Co Kildare’s letter (‘Remember Crystal Palace 1900?’, ATG No 2609), the ‘Crystal Palace Picture Gallery’ was founded as an exhibition space in 1856, and during its heyday at Sydenham held an annual selling exhibition of many hundred modern paintings.

Letters: Woodwork is not from the Liberty ‘Tudor building’

18 September 2023

In reply and hopefully to provide Alan Landis with some reassurance, the rescue of Liberty’s woodwork is a sign of their commitment to preserving its rich heritage (Letters, ATG No 2606).


Letters: Coade comforting thoughts

18 September 2023

It was very interesting to see your front page story about the Coade stone torchère and its acquisition by The Fitzwilliam Museum (ATG No 2608).

Letters: Horten sale – Where do we draw the line?

11 September 2023

As widely reported in the media, Christie’s has bowed to pressure and cancelled the remaining sale of the spectacular jewellery, owned by the late Austrian art collector, Heidi Horten.


Letter: Remember Crystal Palace 1900?

11 September 2023

I would be grateful if any reader could assist in the researching of a painting by providing information regarding the exhibits at the 'Autumn Exhibition of Modern Oil Paintings and Watercolour Drawings' held at the Crystal Palace in October 1900.

Letter: Please keep interviewing collectors

11 September 2023

I haven’t the slightest interest in political or royal commemorative ceramics (see Denzil Lush interview ATG 2607) but I find your interviews with collectors fascinating.


ATG letter: Keith Henderson ‘little book’ plea answered

04 September 2023

I enjoyed reading David Lynd’s plea for help tracking down the elusive ‘little book’ mentioned by The Studio Magazine in 1919 (Letters, ATG No 2607).

ATG letter: Yes, do listen to experts!

04 September 2023

Sorry to hark back to this subject again – ivory – but what brought it to the fore again is an article in ATG No 2607 about British Museum items on eBay.


ATG letter: Very handy for a house clearance

28 August 2023

Your back page on Volvos brought back many memories (‘Workhorse of the trade rides into the sunset after 70 years of toil’, ATG No 2605).

ATG letter: Stay alert to prevent crime

28 August 2023

I would like to warn others in the trade of an incident that happened to me recently.


ATG letter: I am searching for Keith Henderson’s ‘little book’

28 August 2023

I have recently acquired a pencil portrait by Keith Henderson (1883-1982), the war artist and illustrator.


Hewson & Forster: ‘the home of art in Sheffield’

28 August 2023

In reply to Dirk De Nul’s enquiry about Hewson & Forster (Letters, ATG No 2606), Robert John Forster (1872-1928) moved from Newcastle to Sheffield in 1909 and joined William Hewson (b. c.1871) in the foundation of Hewson & Forster at 16 (they soon expanded into number 18 as well) Church Street, Sheffield.


ATG letter: Liberty’s timbers – it’s such a shame

21 August 2023

I have been a subscriber to ATG for almost two decades and this is the first time I have written to you on a particular matter which I feel very strongly about.


ATG letter: Mystery painting – field of red flowers

21 August 2023

I wondered whether any of your readers can help with this painting, an oil on canvas with signature.


ATG letter: Heard of Hewston & Forster?

21 August 2023

I write to you concerning my search for any information about this label found on the back of a painting.

ATG letter: We are taking measures to keep our dealers safe from thieves say fair organisers

07 August 2023

Antiques Trade Gazette has recently reported on a spate of thefts at fairs and markets around the country, including at our own event.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: ‘Dutch Auctions’ bring me down

07 August 2023

Regarding Sotheby’s announcement concerning its move to the Dutch Auction system [for some sales of digital art – see ATG No 2602], one is left questioning why they have adopted this system.


ATG letter: That spoon was probably adapted for a disability

24 July 2023

I write in response to the letter from Andrew Morris (ATG No 2601) endeavouring to identify the use of the pivoting spoon.

ATG letter: Charlie Ross is not connected with Hanson Ross saleroom

24 July 2023

Antiques Trade Gazette reported (No 2600) on the recent opening of my new saleroom at Royston in the name of Hanson Ross.