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While it appears these haven’t surfaced as yet, I would just like to mention in relation to Troika pottery that I have been involved with another Troika collector in the launching of a ‘Troika Pottery Collectors Club’ website, which has gone live’.

To be clear, I am not the owner of this website but have been working with the owner (Dennis Anderson) in providing content, text and ideas etc for the site

’Must see’ journal

We are both aiming for the website to be a ‘one-stop’ information site for anything relating to Troika pottery.

The content also includes archive material comprising posters, books, magazines and also an actual journal kept by one of the staff at the pottery – which we both feel is a ‘must see’ for any Troika enthusiast.

As well as the above, anyone who owns a piece of Troika pottery will be able to register that piece on the site via a free supplied serial number and – after a simple verification process due to potential fakes – supplied photos of the item(s) will then be uploaded to the site. In doing this, the website will grow quickly regarding images of genuine Troika Pottery and associated items and thus in turn will become an excellent reference site.

Two Troika pottery collections including unique/rare items have already been uploaded with their accompanying serial numbers and are currently available for viewing.

Anyone who deals or has an interest in Troika Pottery, which includes collectors, dealers, auction houses and the general public etc, should find this website an invaluable source of reference.

Viewers to the site will have access to information for valuation purposes, decorator identification, establishing the rarity of a piece or anything else to do with this fascinating and groundbreaking pottery.

Visit the website at: troika-pottery.com

Nigel Keith