The Labour Party manifesto.

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The Labour Party

On Brexit and trade:

Labour promises to give the people the final say on Brexit. Within six months it plans to put its deal to a public vote alongside the option to remain with the plan to implement whatever the people decide.

A permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union and close alignment with the Single Market.

On small business:

Create a National Investment Bank, backed up by a network of Regional Development Banks, to provide £250bn of lending.

A Business Development Agency will be based in the Post Bank (the company created from the merger of Royal Mail and Post Office as a publicly owned entity) which will provide support and advice on how to launch, manage and grow a business.

A review of Business Rates with the option of a land value tax on commercial landlords as an alternative and develop a retail sector industrial strategy.

On digital and culture:

A promise of free full-fibre broadband to all by 2030 and plans to bring the broadband-relevant parts of BT into public ownership.

Launch an Arts Pupil Premium to every primary school in England to ensure creative and arts education is embedded in secondary education.

Maintain free entry to museums.

On wildlife and exports:

In England, it will introduce an animal welfare commissioner and will work internationally to end commercial whaling, ban the importation of hunting trophies of threatened species, and boost police resources to tackle rural and wildlife crime and will review its border controls to make them  more effective.

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