A view at last year’s inaugural Bourgogne Tribal Show. Photo: Michel Gurfinkel Paris.

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As a result, tribal art events take place across the globe throughout the year, be they in the form of auctions, specialist fairs or the increasingly popular parcours or gallery trails. These feature groups of specialist dealers mounting selling shows in a particular part of a city where galleries in that discipline are concentrated.

Two big tribal parcours take place in Belgium and France, countries which have a long association with tribal art due to their colonial history. France stages its Parcours des Mondes in the Saint Germain des Prés district of Paris every September, while the main Belgian event takes place in June as a major plank of CULTURES – the World Arts Fair held around the Sablon district of Brussels.

Even before that, however, tribal art enthusiasts can make a beeline for Burgundy this week for a four-day fair (May 25-28) with a difference. Twenty-six specialists in this field set out their stalls in stone barns in the heart of the lush French country side for the Bourgogne Tribal Show.