The orange-paring machine owned by John Reckless.

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I have one labelled THE CHANDOS, likely English manufacture c.1900-20, but could also be American.

Success story

An American parer/peeler with the same shape of the fruit holder was made by the Goodell Co of Antrim, New Hampshire, as the ‘Success Orange Peeler’, using a Fred G Mower patent (number 1,008,555) dated November 14, 1911.

The Goodell parer’s instructions advised that the knife was set for large fruit but could be adjusted for small fruit.

The Goodell parer does not have the same gear number and arrangement as the Chandos or probably as Mr Horlock’s machine. The ATG image does not show all the detail but perhaps Mr Horlock has other views of his parer and I might then be able to comment further.

I attach an image of the Chandos which indicates the similarity.

John Reckless

Frome, Somerset


The letter published in ATG regarding the mystery machine that was puzzling Bob Horlock.

ATG notes: thanks also to Tony Wheal of Laxfield, Suffolk, who pointed out that the object “looks exactly the same design as my spiral fruit peeler”.