The British Art Market Federation was formed in 1996 to represent the interests of the UK’s large and diverse art and antiques market. Maintaining contacts with government, BAMF’s members range from trade bodies like The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association and The Antiquities Dealers Association, to The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and auction houses including Sotheby’s, Christie’s  and Bonhams.

The European Union in Brussels

Antiques and antiquities trade fear extra red tape from EU bill on cultural objects

21 January 2019

The European Parliament is to vote on a new law this week that would introduce extra red tape for dealers in antiques and antiquities operating within the European Union.

Keep calm on Brexit, say trade associations

03 September 2018

Trade bodies are urging the art and antiques sector not to panic following the announcement that the government is preparing for a ‘no-deal Brexit’.

New culture minister urged to introduce digital export licences

16 July 2018

New culture minister Jeremy Wright, appointed after a Cabinet reshuffle prompted by the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson, is being asked to prioritise the introduction of digital export licences for art works in time for Brexit.

Jeremy Wright MP

New culture minister urged to digitise export licences for art works

12 July 2018

New culture minister Jeremy Wright, appointed this week after a Cabinet reshuffle prompted by the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson, is being asked to prioritise the introduction of digital export licences for art works in time for Brexit.


Proposed EU cultural goods bill ‘unworkable’ say trade bodies

16 April 2018

Book dealers seek change to 250-years-old clause in proposed import licensing law.


IVORY BAN – industry leaders react: “We will draw the government’s attention to the ban’s inconsistencies”

03 April 2018

An idea that began life in 2015 with a Tory government manifesto pledge for a total ban on the UK trade in ivory has finally taken shape, though not as draconian as originally pitched and not yet set in legislative stone.


Axing import VAT is ‘achievable’

26 February 2018

BAMF chairman and new chief executive address LAPADA conference


Ivory debate - So what exactly does BAMF mean by ‘museum quality’?

29 January 2018

Readers have contacted ATG asking for a definition of ‘museum quality’ – the term used by the British Art Market Federation in regards to those pieces of antique ivory it believes should be exempt from any proposed ban. Here we publish BAMF's exemption explanation as featured in its submission to DEFRA.

BAMF: how exemptions for ivory can work

08 January 2018

The British Art Market Federation (BAMF) has explained how exemptions for antiques could work in practice once the government’s proposed ivory ban comes into effect.


Ivory consultation: BAMF makes sacrifices in strategic pitch

08 January 2018

Focus on ‘museum quality’ and certification, says British Art Market Federation...

Anthony Browne BAMF

BAMF chief: ‘We’re gathering data to make EU-national hiring case to government’

01 August 2017

Art market leaders are gathering facts and figures on the sector’s need to retain and hire staff from the EU after Brexit to present to the Home Office.

John Glen MP

Arts minister says he will "do all he can to support" art market interests

19 July 2017

The new arts minister John Glen MP has vowed he will do all he can to support the art market’s interests in government.


British Art Market Federation report heads to Parliament

17 July 2017

The priorities, concerns and opportunities for the British art market are being taken directly to government with a new report launched this week.


Anthony Browne: Our man in Westminster

17 July 2017

The art market’s chief spokesperson pursues a policy of quiet diplomacy. Now armed with a new report on the British art market, Anthony Browne has something he wants to shout about

Election 2017: time to ‘get our voices heard’

24 April 2017

Trade bodies line up to make the case for art and antiques sector

European Union flag and parliament 2269NE 01-12-16.jpg

Trade bodies seek multi-pronged Brexit lobbying plan ahead of Great Repeal Act

10 April 2017

The art and antiques trade is taking its Brexit concerns directly to government with the submission of a series of policy documents asking that art market interests are recognised.

FT letter from trade body heads

Trade bodies unite to fight tax reforms that impact art and antiques trade

11 November 2016

Efforts to protect the trade’s Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) against tax reforms gathered steam this week with the publication of a letter from three leading trade associations in the Financial Times.

Karen Bradley MP

Trade associations aim for talks with new UK government

19 July 2016

British Art Market Federation chairman Anthony Browne has written to Karen Bradley, the newly-appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, in the hope of arranging a face-to-face briefing.

EU flag 2245NE A 09-06-2016.jpg

Protest at new EU proposals to tackle looters and a ‘potentially misleading’ survey

09 June 2016

The EU’s planned crackdown on terrorism funding and the way it is investigating possible legislation is a ‘big concern to the trade’.

Lord Inglewood named as new BAMF president

03 March 2014

The British Art Market Federation have announced that Lord Inglewood is to be their new president.