Wilkes & Curtis

Wilkes & Curtis are numismatics specialists with a specific interest in Islamic and Indian coins. They were founded in 2014 by Tim Wilkes and Matt Curtis who both previously worked at Baldwin’s. They regularly attend coin fairs in London, New York and elsewhere abroad.

They hold five timed online-only auctions a year but also produce printed catalogues for their most important sales.

15-08-27-2207CO07A wilkes curtis.jpg

Unrecorded Fatimid gold dinar emerges at Wilkes & Curtis auction

27 August 2015

Among the highlights of the current Wilkes & Curtis auction is a Fatimid gold dinar from the reign of the Caliph al-Hakim (AD996-1021).

15-04-27-2189-CO0XA Wilkes Curtis.jpg

Rare privy mark helps Indian coin to £13,000

27 April 2015

This rare Indian coin drew a four-way competition at Wilkes & Curtis’ latest auction.

14-05-30-2144NE03A Umayyad gold Dinar.jpg

New coin auctioneers offering reduced buyer’s premium

30 May 2014

A newly established firm of numismatic auctioneers, Wilkes & Curtis, are aiming to break into the marketplace by offering a fixed buyer’s premium of 10%.