Paris Parcours

Paris Parcours is a specialist tribal art fair in Paris taking place across a number of venues in the French capital.

As well as gallery shows and specialist exhibitions, the organisers also arrange walks, 'treasure hunts', lectures and courses in a variety of subjects relating to tribal art.


Parcours prepares for action once again

28 August 2023

The Parcours de la Céramique et des Arts du Feu is an annual gallery-based event in Paris focusing on a broad range of ceramics and glass, both antique and modern, from Europe and Asia


Young dealers given chance to shine at the Parcours des Mondes

28 August 2023

Latest edition of the tribal art event in Paris now includes a special showcase for six new faces


Tribal art: Worlds of opportunity in Paris

29 August 2022

International array of visitors will be strolling the streets during the Parcours des Mondes to peruse and buy tribal art


Dealer Anthony Meyer celebrates stone fascination

23 August 2021

“I have always been interested in stone,” says dealer Anthony Meyer.


Normandy dealer marks double anniversary at Paris Parcours

23 August 2021

Laurent Dodier is a longstanding exhibitor at Parcours des Mondes.


Heads up for Timoto-Cuica at Parcours des mondes exhibition

23 August 2021

For its Parcours exhibition the Galerie Serge Schoffel from Brussels will be focusing on the Timoto-Cuica, a culture that flourished between 800-1200AD in the area that is now the Trujillo province in Venezuela.


Distinctive figures from the Congo at Paris show

23 August 2021

Figures from the region that is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be the subject of the themed exhibition 'Kongo' that Galerie Lucas Ratton on the rue Bonaparte will be putting on for Parcours des Mondes.


Tribal art: Bank accounts open in Paris

23 August 2021

The network of small streets in the left bank area of Saint Germain des Prés once again hosts a series of gallery exhibitions for the Parcours des Mondes.


World orders: Parcours des Mondes goes ahead

31 August 2020

Organisers of the Parcours des Mondes decided to go ahead with this edition instead of heading online – but only after careful deliberation


Tribal fair Parcours des Mondes set to go ahead in September subject to permission from authorities

20 June 2020

Parcours des Mondes has confirmed it will open for its 19th year this fall pending necessary approval.


How Paris comes back to life after the long summer break

08 July 2019

'La Biennale Paris' and 'Parcours des Mondes' bring the dealing scene in the French capital back to life after summer slumbers, while auction houses also rise to the occasion. We take an early glimpse at what will be on offer for the visitor in September.


‘Coups de Coeur’ – eight art market highlights from the Paris season

20 September 2018

The French art market was back in action in early September. The 30th staging of 'La Biennale Paris' and the latest edition of the 'Parcours des Mondes' tribal event were two highlights among a raft of gallery shows and auctions marking the return to work after the summer lull.


Parcours des Mondes loan exhibition reaches the roots of collecting

27 August 2018

As well as the themed shows, some of which are detailed on these two pages, this year’s Parcours has a loan exhibition that goes to the roots of the French tribal art collecting.


Join the tribal culture club for the Parcours des Mondes

27 August 2018

The gallery-lined medieval streets of the St-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris will be thronged with a babel of different accents and cultures during the second week of September.

Luba bowl

‘Parcours des Mondes’ – eight shots of objects and displays from Paris’ tribal art trail

14 September 2017

The Paris Parcours des Mondes tribal art trail started its six-day run on September 12 with visitors filling the streets in the art and antiques district of Saint Germain des Près to tour around the participating galleries.

'Parcours des Mondes': a 16-year journey through Saint Germain streets

04 September 2017

A well-established lynchpin of the Paris rentrée is the gallery-based, Left Bank tribal art fair known as the 'Parcours des Mondes' (PDM) staged in the small galleries that pepper the network of streets in the 6th arrondisement antiques district around Saint Germain des Prés.


Bringing the tribal world view to Paris

04 September 2017

As France’s main tribal art showcase, the 'Parcours des Mondes', prepares for its latest staging ATG speaks to Pierre Moos, director of Tribal Art Management, organiser of the event. Moos outlines its origins, his role in its growth and how it has changed since its inception.

15-09-15-2208NE04A terracotta mask.jpg

Parcours reaches ‘optimum’ size, says director

15 September 2015

The ‘Parcours des Mondes’, Paris’ annual tribal art trail, began last week in the Saint Germain quarter of the city.


Paris Tribal trail puts on a show of strength

16 September 2004

OVERLAPPING with the start of the Biennale (September 15-19) will be the third annual Parcours des Mondes, a Left Bank gallery trail featuring 50 tribal art dealers.