Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show

Located two miles North of Lincoln, the Lincolnshire Antiques & Home Show is organised by Arthur Swallow Fairs. It was launched after they moved their flagship event from RAF Swinderby which they had run since 1995.

Swallow launch new company to escape VAT

18 February 2016

Arthur Swallow Fairs, organisers of the Lincolnshire Antiques & Home Show, have chosen to ‘phoenix’ their company to avoid a tax liability dating back three years.


Lincolnshire fair cancelled due to heavy snow

24 January 2013

Heavy snow and ice at the Lincolnshire showground have led to the cancellation of the Lincolnshire Antiques & Home Show scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, January 28-29.


Organisers launch new Lincolnshire fair

24 January 2011

THE Newark-based fairs organisers B2B Events are launching a fair in May at a new venue in the East Midlands.


Getting the all-clear as Swinderby clamps down on entry-fee dodgers

06 April 2009

THIS van, pictured here, was clean, but dozens of others were not when security checks for entry-fee dodgers swung into action at Swinderby on March 31 and April 1.