Delivery and Shipping

When it comes to transporting fine art and antiques, plenty of shipping companies offer services specially tailored for the industry. A list of shippers can be found on this website.

Volvo 245

End of an era for antiques dealers: Volvo Estate cars to no longer be sold in the UK

09 August 2023

After 70 years, the Volvo Estate - the workhorse of countless antiques dealers over the years - is being withdrawn from the UK market.

ATG LETTER: Dollar dilemma when it comes to deliveries

24 April 2023

Further to the issue raised in ATG No 2589 regarding problems importing items


Too much VAT charged on imports from EU, say collectors and dealers

17 April 2023

Collectors and dealers say they are being incorrectly charged for import VAT by eBay and logistics providers such as DHL.


Reused, sustainable – but needs packaging

21 November 2022

How is the art and antiques trade to respond to the gloomy predictions discussed at the recent Cop27 in Egypt November 6-18)?


Changing environment: how to reduce the carbon impact of shipping

21 November 2022

The art and antiques sector is already regarded as ‘green’ due to the items in question having been ‘reused’ and ‘recycled’ rather than created new each time.


Ship or not to ship? An insurer’s point of view on one of the biggest dealer costs

21 November 2022

Shipping is one of the largest annual costs for art and antique dealers so it’s no surprise that many look for the most cost-effective method of shipping to get orders to excited clients.


Packing and shipping: Delivering the goods

21 November 2022

Special report on how art and antiques shipping and packing firms are meeting the challenges of festive deadlines, postal strikes, going green and Brexit.

Shipping: How rising challenges can be overcome

21 November 2022

Since Britain left the EU on January 31, 2020, and the transition period ended on December 31 that year, the way goods are moved between the UK and the EU has changed – costing more money and time.


Online art buying fuels business growth

21 November 2022

The pandemic forced more buyers online and the trend has continued.

Packing cases

Essex auction house to offer sea freight delivery option

25 July 2022

Auction house Sworders hopes to promote more sustainable delivery options by offering sea freight as opposed to air freight for international shipments.

Daniel Crouch

Book sellers face extra export red tape

18 July 2022

New environmental laws in Germany and France mean overseas sellers of smaller items such as books are tackling another layer of red tape on top of those already presented by Brexit.


ATG lettter: Our customers value fast, free and efficient shipping

04 July 2022

We were concerned to read the letter ‘Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping’ (ATG No 2548).

Packing Cases

ATG letter: Insurers must get on board with eco-friendly packaging

27 June 2022

You may take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. In January 2020 my wife and I lent two modest paintings to the exhibition, 'Ulysses: Art and Legend', mounted by the Musei San Domenico in Forlí.


ATG letter: Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping

20 June 2022

In many ways the advance of online auction platforms has been good all round, and most auction houses have stepped up to the mark with good liaison with regard to condition reports, efficient billing, and shipping purchases at realistic prices. I factor such in-house shipping costs into my bidding.

Shipping of artworks

‘Breakthrough’ for shipping art by sea

13 June 2022

Plans to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of the art and antiques sector by cutting air freight have been put forward by a group of art market businesses.


ATG letter: Let a ship take the strain to cut the stress

02 May 2022

I have been greatly heartened by the news that Christie’s is to trial shipping by sea freight with a view to reducing the environmental impact of existing systems of packing and transport (front page, ATG No 2539).

Christie's packing crates

Christie’s to trial shipping by sea freight to reduce carbon emissions

18 April 2022

Christie’s is to trial moving art works by sea rather than air, with the aim of drastically reducing its carbon emissions. It estimates that the switch could reduce the environmental impact by 80%.

Packing cases

Have your say on the government’s plan for a single export and import regulation system

01 February 2022

The UK government is consulting on its plans for a new system to help traders with imports and exports.

Royal Mail website

Royal Mail blip adds books to EU banned list

06 December 2021

Art and antiques dealers were temporarily banned from sending items to certain European countries after a botched list was published by the Royal Mail.


ATG letter: Brexit means the correct tariff code and full commercial invoice is crucial when posting

15 November 2021

I have been a collector of early old Sheffield plate of the first period, for more than 50 years, and continue to buy at online UK auctions. I am resident in France.