Since ancient times, rulers and governments have produced coins to establish a standardised form of exchange for their citizens. With these items often embodying the history of their age, antique coins remains a highly collectable field.

Coins often appear in mixed auctions but there are also specialist auction houses operating in this field.


ATG letter: Third things first – it’s a William not a George

08 July 2024

At the risk of sounding pedantic, the coin illustrated on the Back Page (ATG No 2651) regarding Tim Millett’s book on engraved coins is a coin of William III (not George III), so some hundred years earlier than stated.


Defaced coins tell their own story at election time

01 July 2024

BADA dealer Timothy Millett, a specialist in historical medals and related works of art, says today’s election debates have nothing on an 18th century hustings.

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Top stories this week including news of Roma Numismatics closing its doors

26 May 2024

The most viewed stories on this website over the last week included news of London ancient coin business Roma Numismatics closing down.

The Petition Crown coin

New auction high for an English silver coin

24 May 2024

An auction record for an English silver coin has been set in Zürich.

2608 NE Roma1

Roma Numismatics to close doors this week

20 May 2024

London ancient coin dealers and auctioneers Roma Numismatics is to close.

2642AR Edit Dukes Charles I 5000 Gold Unite

Coin hoard found under a farmhouse floor all sold in 'white glove' Dorset auction

25 April 2024

Coin hoards found buried in fields are a relatively common occurrence. One discovered under a concrete floor not so much...

Coins of England

Spink sells Coins of England reference book to Sovereign Rarities

22 April 2024

The industry-standard reference book for British coins has been sold by Spink to fellow London numismatic dealership and auction house Sovereign Rarities.

ATG Petition Crown Cope Collection

Geoffrey Cope collection of British and Roman coins to be sold in Zurich

10 April 2024

An outstanding collection of British and Roman coins comes to auction in Zurich this year.

News in brief including a new venue for The London Coin Fair

01 April 2024

A round-up of art and antiques news from the previous seven days, including The London Coin Fair moving to a new venue in Hammersmith for 2024.

ATG letters: Money matters – more thoughts on that British Museum department name change

11 March 2024

Daniel Fearon has raised an interesting issue, concerning the British Museum’s name change to their Department of Coins and Medals, on which Brian Clivaz and Michael Graham-Stewart have since commented, not entirely uncritically (Letters, ATG Nos 2632 and 2633).

ATG Letter

ATG letter: New name is a worthless choice

26 February 2024

I recently received an online numismatic journal that informed me that The Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum has undergone a reorganisation.


Desperate dash for a proof coin to seal royal approval before king's death

26 February 2024

Soon after the Italian coin engraver Benedetto Pistrucci moved to England in 1815, he received a prestigious task from William Wellesley-Pole, the Master of the Mint. He was commissioned with the creation of a series of new gold coins for George III.

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Top stories this week including an Anglo-Saxon coin hoard discovered by metal detectorists coming to auction

25 February 2024

The most viewed stories on this website over the last week included news of an impressive group of Anglo-Saxon pennies found in Essex being offered at Noonans.

Braintree hoard

Anglo-Saxon coin hoard discovered in Braintree by metal detectorists comes to auction

15 February 2024

An impressive group of Anglo-Saxon pennies, found by metal detectorists near Braintree in Essex, will be offered in separate lots at Noonans.


Noonans takes top coins and medals spot

12 February 2024

Noonans was the dominant player in the London coins and medals auction market in 2023 with a market share of almost 32%, ATG’s exclusive annual special report reveals.


Early Queen Anne before Acts of Union

12 February 2024

The 1705 silver crown is one of the key rarities in the Queen Anne (1702-14) series.


Basel basilisk flies again at auction

12 February 2024

A Swiss gold coin that only appears at auction once every few years is the 1740 Basel triple ducat. To one face is a grand winged basilisk and to the other a view of the city from the east above eight coats of arms.


Comprehensive East India Company collection

12 February 2024

A remarkable Canadian single-owner collection of coins of the East India Company was offered by Noonans on February 8-9, 2023.


Masterpiece of Greek numismatic art

12 February 2024

One of the great masterpieces of ancient Greek numismatic art, this silver tetradrachm was struck in c.460BC in commemoration of the refounding of the city of Naxos. Its citizens had been exiled to Leontinoi by the tyrant Hieron of Syracuse.


Persian and Greek tributes paid

12 February 2024

Mithradates IV was ruler of the Hellenistic kingdom of Pontus in northern Anatolia from 169-150BC. He ushered in a period of relative friendship with the Roman republic that would continue until his grandson Mithradates VI (the Great) became its most formidable and determined opponent. Mithradates IV’s coinage draws attention to his Persian and Greek origins.



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