Stamp collecting has long been popular since they first appeared in 1840. From the original Penny Black to First Day covers and new issues, there are many ways to enjoy these small but exquisite items – collect by subject area, theme, country or period in history maybe, but keep an eye on grade (the position of the printed design on the paper) and condition (for example, production anomilies, damage).

Coming Chiswick

07 August 2002

Frontline forgery: LETTERS home during WW2 were extremely important to soldiers on the front. Each soldier was issued a quota of stamps which were specially overprinted to validate their posting from a specific location.

Andy Capp and Roosevelt

19 February 2001

UK: BOOKS were not really the main attraction in this sale, although it did contain a 1795 first edition of John Aikin’s illustrated Description of the Country... round Manchester. This was, however, an ex-library copy that had been rebound and had its share of stamps.



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