Galloway Antiques Fairs

Galloway Antiques Fairs was established in 1995 and was run by Susan and Richard Galloway. They organised antiques and fine art fairs held in stately homes across the UK and operated a dateline restriction of 1970 for antique items with exceptions for fine art and sculpture.

In 2023 it was announced that Galloway Antiques Fairs was closing because its owners Richard and Susan Galloway were retiring.

Meanwhile, grass roots grow strong at an English stately home

16 March 2004

THESE are heady times for fairgoers, what with Maastricht, major events in New York and the BADA and Olympia in London. But life goes on, and thrives, nearer the all-important grass roots.

Naworth fair a rare opportunity

12 August 2003

NORTH Yorkshire-based organisers Galloway Antiques Fairs continue a busy summer from August 29 to 31 with their fair at Naworth Castle, Brampton in Cumbria. Space limits this event to just 28 dealers but they obviously do business as a good many of them have been with Naworth since the first in 1996.