Endangered Species

Regulations for the trade in endangered species are controlled by the United Nations’ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).

This covers items from ivory, rhino horn, tortoiseshell, taxidermy items and certain types of wood whether they comprise the whole or part of the object.


EU closes its borders to ivory antiques

03 January 2022

New European Commission laws will prevent the commercial export and import of most antiques containing elephant ivory to and from the EU.


Ivory Act faces final consultation ahead of ‘spring 2022’ enforcement

13 September 2021

The final consultation on the Ivory Act has been launched ahead of the near-total ivory ban coming into force in spring 2022.


Government launches consultation on extending antique ivory ban to hippos, narwhals, walruses and whales

20 July 2021

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a consultation on extending the near-total ban on the antique ivory trade.

ATG letter: Ivory fees – another committee fiasco

29 March 2021

MADAM – As I read the ‘Fees proposal for ivory exemptions’ story (front page, ATG No 2484), I was overwhelmed by an attack of the Victor Meldrews.

Cleopatra Dying statue

Fees proposal for ivory exemptions

15 March 2021

The UK government is proposing a fee structure to cover the costs of processing antiques that qualify as exemptions under the 2018 Ivory Act.


ATG letter: Ivory objects should be assessed by the auctioneers

15 March 2021

MADAM – Re ‘EU propose ban on import and export of antique ivory’, front page, ATG No 2480.

Defra sign

Consultation on exemption process for Ivory Act launched

10 March 2021

The UK Government has launched a consultation on how exemptions to allow the trade in some items under the Ivory Act will be implemented and processed.


Rules Britannia: a guide through the myriad of CITES regulations

01 March 2021

Brexit, CITES, new ivory act on the way… it can be hard for the UK art and antiques trade to keep up with the many regulations. However, the good news is that much of CITES has not changed fundamentally, as this update from expert Kim McDonald of The Taxidermy Law Company reveals

ATG letter: Sculpture association's EU ivory trade ban concerns

01 March 2021

MADAM – We are concerned about the imminent imposition of restrictions to limit the trade of ivory works of art within the European Union (front page, ATG No 2480).


EU proposes ban on import and export of antique ivory

15 February 2021

New proposals by the European Commission to prevent the commercial export and import of most antiques containing ivory have been described by The British Antique Dealers Association (BADA) as “hugely damaging and disproportionate”.


ATG letter: Cleopatra underlines Ivory Act inadequacy

11 January 2021

MADAM – Your report on the export licence stop placed on the ivory and bronze Triqueti figure of Cleopatra indirectly highlights the tragically arbitrary nature of the Ivory Act (News Digest, ATG No 2474).

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Consultation will be final step before Ivory Act is law

14 September 2020

A government consultation on the minutiae of elements of the Ivory Act is required prior to the implementing of the new law.

ATG letter: Who decides on ivory merit now?

31 August 2020

MADAM – The imminent Ivory Act is, not to put too fine a point on it, an ill-considered waste of space, introduced by the ill-advised misguided.

2455NE Ivory Supreme court.jpg

Ivory Act: no more challenges to new law says Supreme Court

17 August 2020

The Ivory Act 2018 is now expected to come into effect this year after dealers and collectors of antique ivory were refused a final appeal.


Art Deco sculpture takes a final dance as the near-total trading ban looms over antique ivory

15 June 2020

As the implementation of the Ivory Act 2018 draws closer, it is approaching closing time at the last-chance saloon for UK owners who wish to monetise Art Deco chryselephantine sculpture.

Supreme Court the final option in Ivory Act case

25 May 2020

Dealers and collectors of antique ivory will seek to take their case to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal rejected their latest challenge to the Ivory Act 2018.


Appeal to stop Ivory Act dismissed in latest court action

18 May 2020

Court of Appeal judges have dismissed the latest attempt to stop the Ivory Act.

Law courts.jpg

Lawyer for dealers in Ivory Act appeal: ‘prepare to sell your antique ivory’

27 February 2020

A lawyer acting for dealers and collectors bidding to have the Ivory Act 2018 overturned warned antique ivory owners they need to “prepare to sell quickly” if judges reject the legal challenge.

Law courts.jpg

Ivory appeal will be streamed live on YouTube

21 February 2020

The final attempt by dealers and collectors to block the Ivory Act, taking place in the Court of Appeal early next week, will be live streamed on YouTube.

Royal Courts of Justice 2.jpg

Ivory Act: court date set 'earlier than expected' for final legal challenge by dealers and collectors

31 January 2020

The battle by dealers and collectors to overturn the Ivory Act will enter its final phase on February 24 and 25 at the Court of Appeal.