Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: At a time when we could do with the bulldog spirit…

30 March 2020

MADAM – I wonder if your readers can help us.


ATG letter: We really started something here

16 March 2020

MADAM – The priest or Boatswain Starter, with string knotwork at each end, which is probably weighted with lead, and waxed (Letters, ATG Nos 2432 and 2433), is also called a Life Preserver, suggesting a defensive – as well as a proactive, attacking – weapon.

ATG letter: Pledge support for freeports

16 March 2020

MADAM – It seems to me that the art trade should be seriously lobbying on behalf of the freeports plan mooted recently by the government.


ATG letter: An ‘Encourager’ to tackle the rigging fast

09 March 2020

MADAM – Re: ‘Priest or for a press gang perhaps’, Letters, ATG No 2432.

ATG letter: Fraud has made me wary about giving ID details

09 March 2020

MADAM – As I understand it, the recent government legislation regarding anti-money laundering requires all buyers, established and new, to provide photographic ID and proof of address. This will then be stored on the auction houses’ databases.


ATG letter: Two letters about Bonhams' Oak Interior auction

09 March 2020

MADAM – Re: Hornby Castle Chair in the Bonhams Oak Interior sale (ATG No 2431). I have just returned from holiday to see ‘my’ old armchair staring out at me from the ATG front page. I thought you might be interested in a bit of its missing history.


ATG letter: Anniversary of Napoleon’s death could boost interest

09 March 2020

MADAM – On May 5, 1821, the extraordinary life of Napoleon Bonaparte came to its tragic conclusion in Longwood house St Helena.

ATG letter: A potential risk has been spotted

02 March 2020

MADAM – I was intrigued by your two-page spread on money laundering (ATG No 2430).


ATG letter: Wrapping up your thoughts on what could be a big earner

02 March 2020

MADAM – I feel sure that the auction house Andrew Smith & Son has a fine reputation. An established reputation attractive enough for the owner of the fine antiques depicted on your Letters & Opinion page to send the photograph for appraisal (ATG No 2431).


ATG letter: Priest or for a press gang perhaps

02 March 2020

MADAM – I wonder if any ATG reader could identify this curiosity which I bought at a fair recently?

ATG letter: Many more Moorcroft Tiger Lily vases are out there

02 March 2020

MADAM – I was pleased to see a report of the Hansons Moorcroft sale (ATG No 2430), and mention of the large and rare 18in exhibition Tiger Lily flambé vase in particular, as to my knowledge and awareness one last appeared on the market 29 years ago at Hartleys in Ilkley.

ATG letter: Why Banksy street art offends me

02 March 2020

MADAM – Re: A Lawyer Writes, ATG No 2431.


ATG letter: Perhaps the wrapping has a lovely patina

24 February 2020

MADAM – As auctioneers, we are regularly in receipt of email images of items from hopeful vendors and we are, on most occasions, able to provide a reasonably workable estimate of value.

ATG letter: ‘Firm price’ pondering

24 February 2020

MADAM – I note your recent correspondence regarding ‘firm price’ labels.


ATG LETTER: Remembering my customer for 40 years Reuben Reubens

17 February 2020

MADAM – I was greatly saddened to hear of the death of Reuben Reubens (Obituary, ATG No 2429) who was a customer of mine over the last 40 years.


ATG letter: Handley & Moore missing since 1984

17 February 2020

MADAM – Reading about the unfortunate theft of a Handley & Moore bracket clock from the shop of Patrick Sandberg on Kensington Church Street on February 3 (ATG No 2429) reminded me of the clock (pictured below) that had sadly been stolen from my parents’ home in Burford, Oxfordshire, in 1984.


ATG letter: Is a firm price fair for the trader and buyer?

03 February 2020

MADAM – I was browsing in an upmarket antiques centre in Oxfordshire recently and saw something very unfamiliar to me as a regular buyer from dealers in shops as well as at fairs.


ATG letter: Tight bodice suggests date of Art Detective portrait

03 February 2020

MADAM – Regarding your Art Detective feature in ATG No 2426, I would note the following: the tight bodice does suggest a dating c.1740-50.


ATG letter: Royal rarities become even rarer

27 January 2020

MADAM – I’ve just read your report about the record-breaking £1m sale of the 1937 ‘abdication’ sovereign (News Digest, ATG No 2426).

ATG letter: South not north of the West Country

27 January 2020

MADAM – In your article in Fairs & Markets, ATG No 2425, you stated that Enys House was near St Ives which is on the north coast.