Letters to the Editor


ATG Letter: ‘The first black person depicted on a sampler’

13 May 2024

Two readers add to the discussion on the depiction of a figure in a sampler


This plaque has been a puzzler for decades

06 May 2024

Some 50 years ago, indeed prior to the beginning of my subscription with the ATG in 1971, I acquired this oval silver plaque, dateable to the late 18th/early 19th century on stylistic grounds, measuring 29 x 89mm and weighing 44gms, with a plain reverse.


Two new books to light up your reading time

06 May 2024

A book on bicycle lights and one on SCotish furniture are among the latest books to be published in the world of art and antiques.


ATG letter: Does this clock in Queensland have the look of a French Morey design?

29 April 2024

I came across a clock on thesaleroom.com which sold for €110 at the Derksen Veilingbedrijf auction house in Arnhem in 2022.

2639BP Edit Easter Island ATG

A great read on Rapa Nui

15 April 2024

Blue skies have been a rare sight in the UK for quite some time now thanks to the wettest period from February to March ever.


ATG letter: Not in the published book

25 March 2024

The Alastair drawing (Books & Works on Paper, ATG No 2633) may have been done for 'The Birthday of the Infanta', but it did not appear in the published book.


Letter: Sad reminder of a boy ‘desperate for some glory’

25 March 2024

The princely present to the Prince Imperial at Chiselhurst (Letters, ATG No 2633) is a sad reminder of a boy desperate for some glory.

ATG letters: Money matters – more thoughts on that British Museum department name change

11 March 2024

Daniel Fearon has raised an interesting issue, concerning the British Museum’s name change to their Department of Coins and Medals, on which Brian Clivaz and Michael Graham-Stewart have since commented, not entirely uncritically (Letters, ATG Nos 2632 and 2633).


Does anyone know the whereabouts of this princely present?

04 March 2024

One hundred and fifty years ago this year the ‘Ladies of Chislehurst’ [sic] presented this inkstand to the Prince Imperial, the son of Napoleon III, for his 21st birthday.


ATG letters: Money matters – museum’s name change is more accurate

04 March 2024

Re: ‘New Name is a Worthless Choice’, Letters, ATG No 2632). Daniel Fearon, as a regular visitor to the department, should know better than most that ‘money’ better describes the collection than ‘coins’ which is quite restrictive.


ATG letter: Why Telford centre would be ideal fair venue

04 March 2024

The postponed Midlands Art Design Antiques Fair (ATG No 2632) raised the problem for organisers of such quality fairs finding suitable venues, particularly when geographic location and costs have to be taken into account.

ATG letter: Sotheby's fees – return to reasonableness

26 February 2024

As a layman who enjoys reading the ATG and dabbles in small buys, I applaud Sotheby’s initiative [to change the buyer’s and seller’s fees].

ATG Letter

ATG letter: New name is a worthless choice

26 February 2024

I recently received an online numismatic journal that informed me that The Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum has undergone a reorganisation.


ATG letters: What the trade thinks of the buyer’s premium

19 February 2024

Sotheby’s recent decision to lower and simplify its charges sparked a flurry of reaction which we published in last week’s issue (ATG No 2630). Letters to our bulging postbag followed soon after.


ATG letter: Three cheers for in-house shipping

05 February 2024

I would like to thank 1818 Auctioneers and specifically Sheryl who packed and posted.


ATG letter: Do you know where this Fortezza plate is?

05 February 2024

I am in search of a 16th century brass parade plate by the goldsmith Oratio or Horatio Fortezza who was born in around 1530 in Sebenico, Dalmatia, then part of the Venetian Republic, now Šibenik in Croatia where he died in May 1596.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: Thieves are still out there stealing stock

29 January 2024

Following on from my letters last year and articles in Antiques Trade Gazette about the issue of robberies from dealers at markets, I feel compelled to write again.


ATG letter: My bedtime story of saving dealer Dick Turpin from a pipe mishap

22 January 2024

Sworders’ advertisement (ATG No 2625) for the forthcoming sale of furniture and objects from the late Dick Turpin recalls an anecdote which may amuse.


ATG letter: Some Temporary Admission rules to be aware of

08 January 2024

I read your article in ATG No 2623 regarding UK imports set to become easier and the topic of Temporary Admission (TA) with interest.

ATG letter: Note of caution on Watts sale

02 January 2024

The report in ATG No 2615 that some copies of the Agatha Christie titles in the Charlie Watts sale at Christie’s were sold with dust jackets supplied from other copies raises some concerns.