Since ancient times, rulers and governments have produced coins to establish a standardised form of exchange for their citizens. With these items often embodying the history of their age, antique coins remains a highly collectable field.

Coins often appear in mixed auctions but there are also specialist auction houses operating in this field.


The story of a hoard that went down in numismatic folklore

10 September 2012

In July 1908, a group of workmen in Brussels were pulling down an old tavern near a cathedral in the city centre during construction of the main railway line.


Ducat from Carl Vogel collection sparks international competition

16 August 2012

A Prussian ducat from 1803 is considered one of the greatest rarities among 19th century German coins.


Derby now hit in spate of museum thefts

13 August 2012

Coins, medals and watches worth over £50,000 have been stolen as a series of museum break-ins continues.

Fall-out from New York coin auction raid

16 July 2012

When police raided one of the most prominent January coin sales in New York no-one was quite sure why.


Landmark Islamic coin sales at the double

17 May 2012

Two of the greatest offerings of Islamic coins ever have recently been sold in London. The two catalogues – Morton & Eden’s and Baldwin’s – will be useful historical documents for a long time to come.

The most complete sovereigns sale

30 April 2012

BALDWIN’S are to sell the most complete collection of British gold sovereigns, formed over 34 years, with the first tranche being offered on May 8 in London.


Provinces pack a punch with new raft of coin sales

11 April 2012

WHILE London auctions saw a 25% rise in value for 2011, sales outside the capital have also been growing.

The greatest sale of Jewish-related coins ever

07 April 2012

NEW York has just seen the greatest dispersal ever of Jewish coins and coins relating to the history of the Jewish people.


London coins market grows by another 25%

31 March 2012

AFTER 2010 saw the London market grow by a third it would have been a bold commentator to predict a further substantial rise in 2011. Nonetheless, coins and medals auctions in the capital saw totals rise by almost a quarter on the previous year.


Islamic bounty in London to follow New York’s Prospero success

05 March 2012

FRESH from their multi-million dollar Prospero triumph in New York, Baldwin’s are preparing to offer an outstanding selection of Islamic rarities as part of London Islamic Week in April.

London coin sales up by 50%

06 February 2012

FIGURES just released show substantial growth in London’s coins market for 2011.

Puzzle over police raid on NY coin sale

23 January 2012

AN eyewitness account of a raid on the Nomos/CNG coin sale in New York on January 4 reveals how police locked the doors of the saleroom and took down the details of all those inside.

It’s a right Royal Mint rip-off, says top dealer

16 January 2012

THE Royal Mint stands accused of ripping off the public through sales of coins as collectables. Even the latest Olympic issue is affected, it is claimed. The problem has become so outrageous, says the UK's leading dealer in the secondary market in non-gold coins from the Royal Mint, that he has announced a boycott.


Hackney hoard comes up for sale

14 November 2011

MORTON & Eden are to auction a hoard of American gold coins discovered in the garden of an East London home where they were buried in fear of a Nazi invasion.


Gold dinar sets new high at £3.1m

11 April 2011

THE London Islamic sales week got of to a ‘magic carpet’ start when Morton and Eden held an 81-lot sale devoted to the rarest Islamic coins.


New law and new buyers boost New York coin results

07 February 2011

WITH the coin world descending on the Big Apple for the New York International Numismatic Convention, once again the new year started with a bang in this sector.

Fears that new US import rule may blight coins

29 April 2010

ANTIQUITIES and other cultural property claimed by Italy as part of its heritage may soon be barred from entering the United States unless accompanied by Italian export permits. This could have a significant effect on the trade and transport of classical coins, for which the US is one of the largest markets.

New coins auctions firm

11 February 2010

INTERNATIONAL Coin Exchange, a new firm of Dublin-based auctioneers, will hold their first sale on February 19.

1909NE02B.jpg (1)

Museums launch appeal to buy Anglo-Saxon hoard

07 December 2009

THE two museums hoping to provide a home for the Staffordshire hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold will be asking arts charities and other funding bodies to pay for it.

Detectorist jailed over coins fraud

26 May 2009

A metal detector enthusiast who pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud has been jailed for six months for selling modern fakes.



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