Fist editions: boxing books at auction

25 September 2023

Large group of pugilist-related works was collected over more than 50 years by London couple


Sporting memorabilia: Dealer keeps boxing clever to add to collection

08 November 2021

A painting of a pugilist will now be researched by the dealer who bought it at auction thanks to his collecting fascination with the early days of the sport


Pottery packing a punch

08 November 2021

A pair of early 19th century Staffordshire pearlware figures modelled after bare-knuckle boxers Tom Cribb and Tom Molineaux who fought for a ‘world title’ of sorts is estimated at £3000-5000 in Tennants’ Autumn Fine Sale on November 13 in Leyburn.


The day the ‘Tipton Slasher’ met his match

24 February 2020

This mid-19th century oil of a bare-knuckle prize fight is thought to depict a famous bout between Victorian boxers William Perry (1819-88) and Tom Sayers (1826-65).

Muhammed Ali trunks

Memorabilia from the sporting greats comes to Hollywood auction

17 October 2017

From FIFA to F1, Olympics to boxing, Julien’s offers some knock out lots in its November sale


Boxing clever with Muhammad Ali boxing memorabilia

08 May 2017

“Wait a minute. You’re putting my gloves in jail? This is awful. How can you put my gloves in jail? They ain’t done nothing… yet!”

WEB muhammad ali A 3-5-17.jpg

Muhammad Ali gloves are latest boxing boost for auctioneer Graham Budd

04 May 2017

No offence to Neil Diamond, a highly respected singer, but if you are a 12-year-old boy then memorabilia linked to him is not likely to be top of your present list. Fortunately, the other gift was a pair of boxing gloves owned by Muhammad Ali.

Trunks worn by Muhammad Ali

“He hit me harder than anybody else I have met” – Muhammad Ali boxing trunks from fight against Henry Cooper offered in London sale

18 October 2016

The boxing trunks worn by Muhammad Ali in a famous but controversial fight against Henry Cooper will be offered at a Graham Budd auction next month, estimated at £70,000-90,000.

World Heavyweight Championship belt

Death of "The Greatest" prompts consignments of memorabilia to auction

25 August 2016

A collection of Muhammad Ali memorabilia is being sold in a Dallas saleroom following an outpouring of related consignments from the public in light of the boxer’s death.

13-09-16-2108NE04A Plymouth Auction Rooms.jpg

Rare views of the world champion’s defeat in Cuba turn up for sale in Plymouth

16 September 2013

One of the most interesting things about auctions is how unusual objects from one side of the world come to be sold on the other, often with no apparent link.

13-06-03-2094NE04A Lonsdale Belt.jpg

Champion boxer’s belt stolen from home

03 June 2013

A Lonsdale Belt awarded to Welsh heavyweight boxing champion Jack Petersen has been stolen from his son’s home.

Not feet, but hands of Clay

23 July 2001

A well-wrapped and padded pair of boxing gloves are essential, one would think, for victory in the ring. But arguably it was the defective nature of the left hand glove, pictured here, which gave Cassius Clay his win over Henry Cooper in 1963, after letting him off the hook.