John Nicholson

Founded in 1980, John Nicholson are fine art auctioneers and valuers. From a saleroom in Fernhurst, Surrey, they hold general and specialist sales that include Chinese and Asian Art, clocks, ceramics, furniture, coins and medals.

The firm also provides probate and insurance valuations.


Coaches trot into saleroom

15 October 2018

Distinctly patriotic in nature, stage and mail coach depictions started c.1815, reaching peak popularity in the later 1820s with the artist James Pollard (1792-1867).


Buyers become silver surfers

10 September 2018

UK dealers buying foreign silver, overseas bidders taking British work and generally solid interest for traditional pieces of mid-ranking silver brightened up the normally quieter late summer sales across the country.


Corbet oil head and shoulders above the rest

06 August 2018

A small but enigmatic study attributed to Victorian artist Matthew Ridley Corbet (1850-1902) drew dramatic competition at John Nicholson’s in Fernhurst, Surrey.


Saleroom selection: Three modestly valued works in regional sales including Bush Hardy river scene

06 August 2018

A trio of works in regional auctions which sold under £300, including a watercolour of the River Dart in Devon by Thomas Bush Hardy.


Saleroom selection: three artworks under £1000 including a painting by an Iraqi pioneer

02 July 2018

Three modestly valued works in regional sales including a painting by a pioneer of Iraqi modern art.


Saint Augustine’s English ‘City of God’

18 June 2018

St Augustine of Hippo’s De civitate Dei (below) was penned to counter pagan claims that what had prompted the Visigoth sacking of Rome in 410 was the adoption of Christianity by its emperors. The book was first printed around a thousand years later in the 1460s, but it was 150 years before a first English language edition appeared.


Cartoon and dreamlike scenes surface in Surrey

21 May 2018

Private buying carried away two top-selling works at John Nicholson’s (24% buyer’s premium) in Haslemere, Surrey.


Nine different ways to bid for a Bateman

14 May 2018

What is your bidding technique? This Bateman cartoon on offer at John Nicholson’s on May 23 should strike a chord with ATG readers who remember the days before bidding paddles.


Topping sale for equine painter Ferneley

07 May 2018

The stellar sporting entry to John Nicholson’s (24% buyer’s premium) sale in Haslemere on April 25 was an early oil by the prolific equine painter, John E Ferneley (1782-1860).


Kutchinsky colour shines through

23 April 2018

Characterised by high-quality craftsmanship, a bold use of colour plus a love of whimsy, the menagerie of gem-set or enamel animal designs are particularly recognisable as signature Kutchinsky pieces.


Pick of the Week: South Indian rarity spotted alongside Soloman stars

23 April 2018

An 18in (45cm) figure of Shiva Vinadhara c.12th century – £220,000.


Saleroom selection: Three works at regional salerooms below £1000

09 April 2018

Three modestly valued works drawing attention at salerooms across the UK.


Previews: £30,000 plus

02 April 2018

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.


Joyce Paretti collection of perfume bottles produces sweet-smelling results

19 March 2018

Multi-estimate results greeted the Joyce Paretti collection of perfume bottles sold by John Nicholson’s (24% buyer’s premium) of Fernhurst in two instalments before and after the new year.


Lowestoft cat gets the cream

19 March 2018

Despite their small size and often unsophisticated appearance, Lowestoft models of animals are highly collectable.


Pinxton porcelain bough pots take £7000 at Chorley's auction

19 March 2018

The contents of a country house near Tetbury yielded many of the better lots in a Chorley’s (20% buyer’s premium) sale in Prinknash Abbey which included a garniture of three Pinxton porcelain bough pots.

Bristol opaque white perfume bottle

The Joyce Paretti collection of perfume bottles – 12 auction highlights from £500 to £5000

21 February 2018

Multi-estimate results greeted the Joyce Paretti collection of perfume bottles sold by John Nicholson’s of Fernhurst in two instalments.


Liner creates sale waves

19 February 2018

This oil painting of the RMS Queen Mary, below, by marine painter William McDowell (1888-1950) was taken to a multi-estimate £12,000 at Surrey saleroom John Nicholson’s (24% buyer’s premium).


Summer shower in Surrey saleroom

29 January 2018

A small painting by Scottish artist Robert Gemmell Hutchison (1855- 1936) took a mid-estimate £6000 at Surrey saleroom John Nicholson’s (24% buyer’s premium).


Anna Mahler bronze sculpture comes to auction in Sussex

25 January 2018

Anna Mahler may be best remembered as the daughter of the famous Austrian composer Gustav Mahler, but she was an accomplished artist in her own right, winning the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.