Rogers Jones

Rogers Jones is an auction house in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. They were founded by David and Margaret Rogers Jones in 1992.

They hold quarterly Welsh sales, offering paintings, porcelain and antiques from the Principality, and more general auctions offering works of art, vintage and clearance items. They also stage other specialist sales in areas such as sporting memorabilia, medals and military antiques, and jewellery, coins and watches. 

They established a second saleroom in Cardiff in 2013.


Russian plate sparks international battle in Wales

02 June 2008

Yet another example of a British auction house benefiting from the craze for all things Russian was seen at Welsh auctioneers Rogers Jones of Colwyn Bay on May 27, when international interest clamoured for this Russian plate.

The view from the balcony...

24 October 2003

‘SEE NAPLES AND BUY’ is a headline that has previously made its mark in the Antiques Trade Gazette when some Neapolitan scene has tickled the fancy and the bank balance of a determined picture bidder, but it was never more applicable than in the case of the Worcestershire couple who bought the superbly preserved Attilio Pratella (1856-1949), shown right, at the Colwyn Bay auctioneers Rogers Jones & Co (6% buyer’s premium) on September 27.

The bread and cheese cupboard which generated immense interest

03 April 2000

UK: IN THE primitive pantheon of vernacular furniture, the bread and cheese cupboard is an unusually specialised form, hence the immense interest from country furniture buffs in the oak example here which was consigned to the Colwyn Bay rooms of Rogers Jones and Co. for sale on February 29.