Industry data

Data used for analysing the art and antiques market includes surveys, prices indices, government figures and market reports.

These range from sector-specific studies such as the Antique Furniture Price Index to more general reports such as the annual TEFAF Report and the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report compiled by economist Clare McAndrew.

Figures show fall in UK imports as importance of trade with Russia grows

25 March 2014

A sharp decline in the movement of fine art between the UK and its main trading partners in the US and Switzerland is the starkest feature of the latest set of import and export figures.

Bonhams announce revenues of £127m for 2013

24 March 2014

Following last week’s announcement of their global sales totals, Bonhams have now released figures for their 2013 revenues and profits as well.

US share of booming art market grows

20 March 2014

New York has firmly reinforced its status as the capital of the global art market with a 25% growth in the value of US sales last year.

Confusion as France’s auction watchdog ranks international auction houses

20 March 2014

Bonhams have released their sales figures for 2013, with the company claiming third place in the global hierarchy after Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

14-02-11-2128NE02A Antique Furniture Index.jpg

Furniture prices continue their slow downward trend

11 February 2014

There are very few positives to take from the latest findings of The Antique Collectors’ Club’s Annual Furniture Index (AFI). For reasons of fashion and function, the English antique furniture market remains in a parlous state and no category from early oak to Georgian mahogany held firm.

Asian art and jewellery help boost totals as provincial auctioneers report an upturn

14 January 2014

Optimism permeated the UK’s regional auction market across much of the last year.

Gold’s decade-long boom seems to be over

06 January 2014

A decade of rising gold prices came to an end as 2013 turned into 2014 with a 28% fall over the past 12 months.


TEFAF Maastricht gets ready for its latest outing

08 March 2013

Showing up at TEFAF Maastricht in the southern Netherlands with a stand cobbled together from stale, lacklustre stock is tantamount to professional suicide, the sort of nightmare that has dealers waking up in a cold sweat.


Green shoots in market for dull brown?

29 January 2013

Green shoots in the market for the most iconic of all English furniture was among the more encouraging findings of the Antique Furniture Price Index in 2012.

Private sales lead the agenda once more at Sotheby’s

13 November 2012

Sotheby’s have seen a 50% increase of revenues generated from private treaty sales for the third quarter of 2012.


What’s happening with the auction house duopoly?

20 August 2012

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ came to the block at just the right time for Sotheby’s when it set the record for anything ever sold at auction.

Survey shows BADA impact on world market

30 July 2012

Of all the statistics – and there are many – to emerge from the British Antique Dealers’ Association 2011 Survey, it is the £855m ($1.4bn) estimated turnover among members that stands out.

A fifth of our sales are now online, say LAPADA members

24 July 2012

Nearly one in five of all sales by LAPADA dealers are now online, according to the fine art and antique dealer association’s latest survey, covering 2011.

Private sales and the web remain Christie’s chief focus

23 July 2012

Christie’s first half results for 2012 show that the focus of competition at the top end of the international auction business remains the private sales market and online auctions.


US regional sales mirror UK booming example

30 May 2012

The auction business often runs counter-cyclical to wider economic fortunes, so it’s no great surprise that the strong results posted in 2011 by many of Britain’s regional auctioneers have been mirrored across the Atlantic.

China and private sales dominate Sotheby’s strategy

21 May 2012

Sotheby’s auction and related revenues were down 12% at $105m year on year for the first quarter of 2012.

French auctions net €1.25bn for art and antiques in 2011

02 April 2012

TOTAL auction sales in France rose by 8.6 per cent in 2011 to €2.38bn. Art, antiques and other collectors' sales accounted for just over half that figure at €1.25bn, a record total that surpassed the boom years of 2006 and 2007, as well as 2009 when the Yves St Laurent sale at Christie's in Paris gave a huge boost in what was otherwise a lacklustre year.


London coins market grows by another 25%

31 March 2012

AFTER 2010 saw the London market grow by a third it would have been a bold commentator to predict a further substantial rise in 2011. Nonetheless, coins and medals auctions in the capital saw totals rise by almost a quarter on the previous year.

TEFAF report heralds dominance of China... but the caveats remain

26 March 2012

So what is the most important revelation in this year’s TEFAF report?