Artists Resale Right

Living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a resale royalty each time their work is sold.

The charge applies to the sale of original works of art made via transactions conducted by both dealers and auctioneers.

Judges in California shelve law for artist resale right

18 July 2018

The 1977 California Resale Royalties Act has effectively been shelved after panel of judges struck down the law – the US’s only ‘droit de suite’ law for visual artists.

Gilane Tawadros

DACS: Blockchain will create ‘fairer’ art market

11 June 2018

The growth of new technologies such as blockchain will lead to a ‘fairer and more ethical’ art market, says The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS).

Death of Artist’s Resale Right ‘is exaggerated’, lawyer says

11 September 2017

Artist’s Resale Right, the royalty payable by a buyer to an artist or an artist’s estate for a painting resold for €1000 or more, is likely to be adopted by the UK along with other EU laws after Brexit.

CINOA snubs resale right conference

02 May 2017

An attempt by collecting agencies and copyright organisations to establish a global treaty on Artist’s Resale Right has been met with strong opposition from international trade bodies.

World Intellectual Property Organization Geneva

UN agency hosts Geneva event aimed at extending Artist’s Resale Right

26 April 2017

International bodies aiming to expand the reach of the Artist’s Resale Right are meeting in Geneva this week to “create momentum” towards a possible future multi-national treaty on the levy.

ATG Letter: An artist’s view on ARR debate

18 April 2017

MADAM – As someone with a foot in both artist and auctioneer camps, I’d like to add a contrary view to the often one-sided debate on Artist’s Resale Right (ATG No 2287).

A solution to ARR post-Brexit: UK to collect fees for UK artists and estates only

10 April 2017

MADAM – I read your Editor’s Comment on ARR and Brexit (ATG No 2286) with interest and write to you now with a different perspective.

Christie’s to appeal over resale right ruling

10 April 2017

Christie’s is to appeal last month’s French court ruling that declared Droit de Suite is a charge on the vendor rather than the buyer.

Droit de suite: Court says seller must pay levy

05 April 2017

The way Droit de Suite is applied in France was affirmed by a French court ruling last month.

Brexit hopes of Artist’s Resale Right demise may be premature – but it could be amended

05 April 2017

In ATG’s coverage of Brexit in the past year, we regularly asked which EU-inspired law we could most live without. Unanimously the response was Artist’s Resale Right, a royalty on the resale of art hammered above €1000.


French court rules artist's resale rights must be paid by the sellers

31 March 2017

The French law that states vendors should pay Droit de Suite has been affirmed by a Versailles court.

EU flag 2245NE B 09-06-2016.jpg

Art and antiques leaders call for 'cool heads and steady hands' after UK votes to leave EU

24 June 2016

Art and antiques industry figures are urging “cool heads and steady hands” in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, while stressing the UK’s continued prominence in the global art market.

Artists Resale Right royalties

£50m collected in decade of Artist’s Resale Right

24 February 2016

A decade on since Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) was launched in the UK, over £50m has been collected from auctions and dealers for artists and their heirs.

California resale right remains with new limits

22 June 2015

The US Court of Appeals has ruled that the California Resale Royalty Act (CRRA) can stand but apply only to sales made within the state and not to those made out-of-state by California residents.

Poor response to IPO study leaves ARR campaign in limbo

24 November 2014

Only 53 individuals and organisations submitted evidence for the impact study on the Artist’s Resale Right, the Intellectual Property Office has revealed as it published results last week.

Trade figures show Artist's Resale Right hurting UK

10 November 2014

A new report on the British art market shows the United States and China pulling away from the UK – the world’s third biggest player – as global business expands.

Why the British art and antiques industry is not helping itself

07 November 2014

Antiques Trade Gazette Editor Ivan Macquisten explains why leading dealers and auctioneers need to rethink their strategy if they want to get public opinion on their side

Dealers avoid ARR at their peril

28 April 2014

COMMENT - As a relentless campaigner against the Artist’s Resale Right, IVAN MACQUISTEN explains why the trade should not avoid paying it now

Whitehall launches Artist's Resale Right review

15 April 2014

Intellectual Property Office launches consultation on impact of levy for European Union review

Bid to make sellers liable for Resale Right

28 March 2014

The French courts have asked the European Court of Justice to rule on whether auctioneers can be prevented from passing on the Artist’s Resale Right charge to buyers.