Credit card fraud

The merits of chargeback

20 November 2017

MADAM – I was interested to read about good practice in regards to credit and debit card chargebacks (ATG No 2316).

Top tips on preventing legitimate chargebacks

06 November 2017

Tips on staying ahead when it comes to chargebacks...

Buyers: your rights with chargeback facilities

06 November 2017

The Consumer Credit Act provisions enable an aggrieved consumer buyer to make a claim against the credit card company for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the retailer or trader.

What one card provider told us...

06 November 2017

The card providers contacted by ATG were reticent on the subject of chargebacks, although we did receive this statement from Mastercard UK:


Seller beware: auctioneers and dealers tell how they manage the chargeback challenge

06 November 2017

The rise of payment using debit and credit cards for art and antiques comes with the challenge of chargebacks. Andrew Saunders reports on how these can be tackled

Chargebacks: the key facts

06 November 2017

Chargebacks exist as a means of satisfying the extensive consumer protections provided by UK law – largely the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 and the Consumer Credit Acts of 1974 and 2006.

How to avoid or manage fraudulent chargebacks

06 November 2017

Tips on avoiding and dealing with fraudulent chargebacks...

Child and duck

Antiques dealer alerts trade to fraud after scam involving 18th century painting

01 August 2017

An antiques and art dealer is asking the trade to be aware of a scam after a painting was fraudulently purchased from the gallery in Wiltshire.


Dealer falls to ‘card not present’ scam

10 April 2017

A Petworth dealer has been the victim of a £2200 ‘card not present’ debit card fraud.

Auction credit card fraudsters jailed

10 June 2013

Three men who were responsible for a sophisticated credit card fraud which targeted auction houses across the country have now been sentenced.

£800,000 haul for fraud gang who targeted auction houses

25 February 2013

Two men have been found guilty of a sophisticated credit card fraud which targeted auction houses across the country.

Credit card fraud continues to plague auction houses

08 October 2012

Credit card fraud affecting auction houses has reared its ugly head again and the details will sound depressingly familiar to firms already affected.

Beginning of the end for phone payments?

14 May 2012

Glasgow auction house McTear’s have scrapped payments over the phone in a bid to tackle credit card fraud. They now use an online system, which they say customers prefer and is safer all round.


Data match are the key words in security checks

30 April 2012

IT wasn’t a phone bid which caught out Joe Smith of J.S. Auctions when it came to credit card crime – this time the fraudsters left a commission bid.

Ensure card terminal is up to date, says victim

30 April 2012

WHILE auction houses are becoming more aware of the threat from credit card fraud, dealers should also take care over payments, a victim from Crawley, West Sussex has warned.

Card fraud: the battle continues

30 April 2012

CREDIT card fraud affecting auction houses and dealers is on the increase all over the country, say the police.

Cameo update

23 April 2012

FOLLOWING last week’s front page story regarding allegations of non-payment and irregularities over credit card payments at Cameo Auctions of Midgham, Berkshire, many readers with similar complaints contacted ATG looking for advice.

Alert over phone bid fraudsters

02 April 2012

A DEVON auctioneer has issued a warning after seeing off fraudsters who tried to con him out of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and silver through phone bids.

Four charged with string of frauds from telephone bids

26 March 2012

FOUR people will appear in court next month in connection with a series of frauds involving foreign-based credit cards used to pay for high-value jewellery at a number of auction houses.


Cheque fraud alert for London trade

12 September 2011

FOLLOWING the recent report about cheque fraud in July on Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove, additional incidents have emerged of suspected fraud around London using cheques under the account name GC Commodity’s (sic).