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EU cultural goods bill is ‘blow’ to market – but full impact may not be felt until 2025

29 April 2019

The art and antiques trade has described the introduction of new controls on the import of cultural goods as a “considerable blow” to the market.

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Shippers welcome new EU grace period for imports and exports in the event of a no-deal Brexit

04 April 2019

Art shippers have welcomed European Union laws that create a grace period for UK hauliers until the end of 2019.

MEPs raise concerns over ‘freeports' for storing art

25 March 2019

Members of the European Parliament on a special committee for financial crime and tax evasion have warned of the art market potentially being used as “a suitable vehicle for illegal activity”, according to a report.

French President Emmanuel Macron

French trade bodies call on President Macron to stop UK art market gaining an advantage from Brexit

08 February 2019

Members of the trade federation Conseil National du Marché de l’Art (CNMA) have published an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron and the French government calling for changes to stop France’s art market losing out to the UK after Brexit.

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Antiques and antiquities trade fear extra red tape from EU bill on cultural objects

21 January 2019

The European Parliament is to vote on a new law this week that would introduce extra red tape for dealers in antiques and antiquities operating within the European Union.

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No deal Brexit has “grave risks” for European art and antiques sector, warns trade body

29 October 2018

The UK government’s Brexit documents reveal that in the event of a no-deal with the European Union it will not be aligned with EU regulations on cross-border trade for cultural property.

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UK government to hire more than a thousand Border Force workers in preparation for possibility of ‘no deal’ Brexit

23 August 2018

Brexit minister Dominic Raab revealed the government has hired an extra 300 staff for the Home Office’s Border Force ready for the UK’s exit from the European Union and will recruit another 1000 “ready to deal with any increase in work”.


EU proposals for the crackdown on cultural goods imports delayed

06 August 2018

The European Union’s plan to introduce new laws on the import of cultural goods, due to be voted on this summer, has been delayed until September.


New money laundering regulation a “disproportionate burden” on art and antiques businesses

27 April 2018

A European Union update to current anti-money laundering regulation designed to tackle terrorist financing risks will place an extra administrative burden on art and antiques businesses, warn trade associations.


Proposed EU cultural goods bill ‘unworkable’ say trade bodies

16 April 2018

Book dealers seek change to 250-years-old clause in proposed import licensing law.

Credit card fees banned from January

24 July 2017

Auctioneers and dealers will have to decide whether to absorb the cost of credit card transactions or pass them on to buyers in another form when a ban on all such fees comes into force in January 2018.

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Dealers and auctioneers banned from adding card charges to buyers in UK law change

19 July 2017

New rules coming into force in January 2018 mean that dealers and auctioneers can no longer add extra charges to cover credit or debit card fees when processing transactions.

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Arts minister says he will "do all he can to support" art market interests

19 July 2017

The new arts minister John Glen MP has vowed he will do all he can to support the art market’s interests in government.


Money laundering: know the rules

17 July 2017

The art and antiques sector is a target for money launderers and the industry must be aware of new regulations, a leading anti-corruption group has said.

Droit de suite: Court says seller must pay levy

05 April 2017

The way Droit de Suite is applied in France was affirmed by a French court ruling last month.

Brexit hopes of Artist’s Resale Right demise may be premature – but it could be amended

05 April 2017

In ATG’s coverage of Brexit in the past year, we regularly asked which EU-inspired law we could most live without. Unanimously the response was Artist’s Resale Right, a royalty on the resale of art hammered above €1000.

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Art and antiques trade welcomes clarity from Theresa May's Brexit speech

18 January 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May laid out the government’s Brexit plan this week giving some clarity on how it will leave the European Union.

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Art and antiques leaders call for 'cool heads and steady hands' after UK votes to leave EU

24 June 2016

Art and antiques industry figures are urging “cool heads and steady hands” in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, while stressing the UK’s continued prominence in the global art market.

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Protest at new EU proposals to tackle looters and a ‘potentially misleading’ survey

09 June 2016

The EU’s planned crackdown on terrorism funding and the way it is investigating possible legislation is a ‘big concern to the trade’.

Bid to make sellers liable for Resale Right

28 March 2014

The French courts have asked the European Court of Justice to rule on whether auctioneers can be prevented from passing on the Artist’s Resale Right charge to buyers.