DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, was formed in June 2001, becoming the government department responsible for policy and regulations in England, while also working with devolved agencies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It covers areas such as environment and countryside protection, agriculture, animal health and welfare, hunting, national parks and sustainable rural communities. It is the UK government’s department responsible for overseeing CITES regulation in the UK.

Michael Gove

Gove 'may consider a pledge for total ivory ban'

13 June 2017

Michael Gove MP has said he would reconsider introducing a pledge for a total ivory ban.

Michael Gove

Trade bodies ‘ready to reach out’ to new ministers on antiques industry issues

12 June 2017

Art and antiques trade associations are preparing to “forge new relationships” with the incoming government, in particular relating to the trade of antiques containing ivory.


Lawyer slams DEFRA over CITES chaos

01 July 2015

A leading CITES lawyer has criticised DEFRA’s “wholesale failure” to alert the public to law changes, after a court fined a jeweller £2000 for selling antique tiger claw pendants.

Rhinoceros horn: further changes to the UK law

25 October 2010

THE Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have issued further important guidelines regarding the sale of antique rhinoceros horn.

UK restricts rhino horn exports with immediate effect

20 September 2010

THE government are to refuse nearly all future applications for the export of old rhinoceros horn sold in the UK.