The trade association LAPADA represents art and antiques dealers in the UK. It was formed in 1974 and is based in London.

It has more than 500 members and, although the majority are based in the UK, it also has around 50 members in 16 other countries.

The association was previously called the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association but, while it retains the LAPADA acronym in its title, it is now known as ‘The Association of Art and Antique Dealers’.

Entering the last Lap at the Institute?

02 October 2003

FROM a record 110 exhibitors just two years ago, when business was not exactly booming, expect no more than 50 at this autumn’s LAPADA Fine Art and Antiques Fair, to be held from October 8 to 12 at the Commonwealth Institute Galleries, Kensington High Street, London W8.

Investment show fails to prove its worth

29 September 2003

Rubbing shoulders with racing stables, vineyards and Spanish holiday homes at the ExCeL exhibition centre on September 19-21 were dealers John Bly and Wakelin & Linfield, LAPADA and toy auctioneers Vectis. But an opportunity missed was the general consensus of the event among a dozen or so representatives from the trade who took part in the first Leisure & Alternative Investment Show.

LAPADA issues guidelines over US settlement cheques

09 June 2003

LAPADA has issued some valuable guidelines to the recipients of cheques relating to the Sotheby’s and Christie’s price-fixing settlement in the USA. As the cheques began to arrive by post last week many were surprised to see that the US Federal Government had deducted a withholding tax from the awards.

NEC will end January LAPADA fair to make way for their own event

12 May 2003

AFTER more than two decades, the January LAPADA fair at Birmingham’s NEC has come to an end.

Maureen has got the LAPADA job sewn up

08 April 2003

EARLY needlework specialist Maureen Morris has been appointed to the Board of LAPADA. She joined the country’s largest dealers’ association in 1991 and is already a member of the advisory board of the Olympia Fine Art and Antique Fairs.

LAPADA alert members to Kent Act Mark II

24 March 2003

NOTTINGHAM is set to get its own version of the Kent Act, forcing antiques dealers and other traders to register if they want to do business in the city.

LAPADA act to protect dealers from credit card scam

24 February 2003

IN the wake of recent reports on credit card fraud emanating from Indonesia, dealer association LAPADA are advising members on how best to protect themselves.

Peter Jones join LAPADA

03 February 2003

One of London’s best known department stores, Peter Jones of Sloane Square, has been accepted as a member of LAPADA. It is not well known that the SW1 store includes a flourishing antiques department and has done for more than 90 years.

Survey shows trade heading back to fairs and shops

20 January 2003

LAPADA’S 2002 membership survey shows that dealers seem to be heading back to the public arena rather than working from home or conducting business by appointment only.

Birmingham in January – a barometer for the rest of 2003

10 January 2003

FOR a decade LAPADA, our largest antiques association, has held its winter showcase event at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham and indeed the Birmingham LAPADA Antiques and Fine Art Fair has become the favourite out-of-London fair for a good many exhibitors.

Portobello chairman joins LAPADA board

18 December 2002

COSTAS Kleanthous, pictured right, has been appointed a director of the board of LAPADA, the UK’s largest professional art and antique dealers’ association.

LAPADA aim for wedding list market

15 October 2002

LAPADA, the UK’s largest dealer association, have launched the LAPADA Wedding Present Service in a bid to boost business for their more than 700 members.

LAPADA launch bargains policy to attract new young buyers to fair

01 October 2002

LAPADA are to launch an innovative scheme to attract new collectors at their Fine Art and Antiques Fair at the Commonwealth Institute, in London from October 9 to 13.

LAPADA sign deal with Dutch trade association

08 May 2002

THE Dutch Ambassador welcomed British and Dutch dealers to a reception at the London embassy on April 24 to celebrate the signing of a formal agreement between two leading trade associations.

LAPADA name new chief

04 March 2002

UK: LAPADA have announced the appointment of John Newgas from June 1 as chief executive to succeed Malcolm Hord.

Dealers get grants to attend Chicago fair

25 February 2002

British Art Market Federation lobbying has persuaded the Department of Trade and Industry to provide grants for 13 LAPADA members to exhibit at a Chicago antiques fair.

The Euro and what you have to do…

20 December 2001

LAPADA, the Association of Dealers, have been preparing their members with a useful guide on how to adapt to the euro for when they conduct business in Europe.

LAPADA plans Dutch link-up to create European super-association

03 December 2001

LAPADA, the UK’s largest association of professional art and antiques dealers, is pioneering a new scheme that could see it merge with a leading European association.

Malcolm Hord to retire

10 October 2001

MALCOLM HORD has announced that he is to retire as chief executive of LAPADA, the Association of Art and Antique Dealers, at the end of May next year.

Survey boosts furniture’s standing

10 October 2001

A NEW survey has just been published showing how much better fine period furniture has proved as an investment compared to the stock market and property over the past 30 years.