Letters to the Editor

My solution to the issue of email scams

10 April 2017

In April dealers and auctioneers were warned to be vigilant about invoice scams on email after fraudsters appeared to have hacked accounts and intercepted invoices. Here one dealer makes a suggestion to help prevent such fraud.

Letters to the Editor: it's time sellers, not just buyers, benefited from transparency

10 April 2017

In the debate about transparency of auctioneer fees, sparked by the Advertising Standards Authority December 2016 ruling that buyer's premium needs clearer promotion, the point of view of vendors needs to be heard too, three letter writers argue.


Reader tips? Music to our ears

05 April 2017

MADAM – I was amused to read in the Previews section of ATG No 2285 that the “star” in Locke & England’s March 30 sale would be a large organ clock, estimated at £3000-5000 (lot 100). This is certainly not the case.

How I tackled CSK parking

05 April 2017

MADAM – Constance King’s reminiscences of Christie’s South Ken (ATG No 2285) mention the difficulties of parking outside to load one’s purchases.

Lawmakers: leave certification of solid ivory objects to the specialists

05 April 2017

MADAM – I write for the purposes of maintaining the trade in general, and in advance of knowing the provisions in the forthcoming law regulating the UK ivory trade (which can only act to the detriment of the trade and do nothing to save the elephant). The law could consider the separation of items solely made of ivory from those that contain ivory as a constituent part.


CSK’s success was ‘built on atmosphere, a large number of sales and expertise’

01 April 2017

MADAM – I’d like to add some personal memories to your recently published retrospective on Christie’s South Kensington (ATG No 2283).

Here’s why we need full clarity on auction fees

01 April 2017

MADAM – In case there is any doubt about the need for more clarity in auctioneer fees, the following figures illustrate the confusing situation faced by the seller.


A few pence short of a pound

01 April 2017

MADAM – I was amused to read in ATG No 2283 that a bronze reduction of An Athlete struggling with a Python by Lord Leighton, which will be sold by Bonhams on April 5, had been bought in 1934 for 57 shillings and 17 pence.


The auction record for painter Anton Schranz for £50,000

25 March 2017

MADAM – I write regarding your reference to two paintings of Minorca’s Port Mahon by Anton Schranz (1769-1839), sold by Thomson Roddick at £20,000 in February (Art Market, ATG No 2283).

The late Charlie Truman: his wonderful and wicked humour

25 March 2017

MADAM – Tributes to Charlie Truman have been well merited and well stated (obituary in Letters, ATG No 2282).


ATG letter: Let’s talk about Brexit

14 January 2017

On an unrelated but more important subject, I am delighted to see the current debate on ivory getting so much coverage in the Gazette, but concerned about the minimal discussion recently about the possible effects of Brexit on the antiques trade.