Why armour still shone well after its use had faded

01 February 2021

Such was the demand for suits of armour from late 19th and early 20th century collectors that European master armourers were kept hard at work long after the practical need for such protective wear had passed.


Castle hosts selected rather than huge sale

05 October 2020

The Munich auction house Hermann Historica (25% buyer’s premium) is renowned for its huge multi-catalogue sales series, but on September 25 it mounted a special, selected sale of works of art held at Schloss Greding, south of Nuremburg.


Head turners

05 October 2020

Two eye-catching but very different armours, one suited to royal palace style and the other more to purist taste, captured bidders’ attention at a London sale.


Zeus shield and grotesque mask armour

05 October 2020

Armour made a strong showing at the sale held in Sarzana by Italian arms specialist Czerny (20% buyer’s premium) on September 19.


Japanese face armour

24 August 2020

A collection of Japanese arms and armour is a key feature of Cowan’s arms and armour auction to be held in Cincinnati on September 2.


Armour from Susquehanna collection draws international demand to Pennsylvania sale

17 February 2020

A 16th century composite suit of armour that had been assembled by a specialist curator in this field at the Metropolitan Museum of Art proved to be the toast of a sale held by Morphy.


Armour through the ages: three lots commanding bids in winter sales

20 January 2020

Rare and well-preserved armour from pre-history to the 17th century was well received in the pre-Christmas sales. Three examples are pictured here.


Tipu Sultan battlefield spoils dispersed at Oxfordshire auction

01 April 2019

A rifle from the personal armoury of Tipu Sultan sold for £60,000 in Oxfordshire last week.


Armour that stands out in non-vintage season

06 August 2018

It has not been a vintage season for armour in the saleroom, but some of the recent highlights from London and Munich are shown here.


Guards at the Carmarthen sale forefront

06 August 2018

A famous royal regiment was remembered at the Peter Francis (20% buyer’s premium) auction in Carmarthen.


Zettler glass added to Del Mar’s specialist armory

07 August 2017

Thomas Del Mar (24% buyer’s premium) sold the first instalment of de-accessioned arms and armour from the John Woodman Higgins Museum in Massachusetts back in 2013 and a second in 2014.


Armour as art – auctions aim for wider audience

07 August 2017

For many years auctioneers have been itching to move the finest arms and armour from the province of the specialist collector and establish them with a wider audience as works of art in their own right.


Heavy metal makes big auction noise as suit of armour takes £880,000 at auction

24 July 2017

A superb set of decorated armour sold at Sotheby’s (25/20/12% buyer’s premium) is believed to have set a record. The £880,000 hammer price for the three-quarter-length cuirassier protection is believed to be the highest auction result for 17th century armour.

WEB 17th armour C 14-7-17.jpg

Superb 17th century armour result at Sotheby's thought to be an auction record

17 July 2017

The musket and pistol ball test dents in the surface of a superb set of armour sold at Sotheby’s tell the story of how warfare was changing in the 17th century.

jack of plate del mar 1 12-12-16.jpg

Very rare Elizabethan jack of plate armour bought by the V&A at Thomas Del Mar auction

13 December 2016

If you want to imagine what a bulletproof vest might look like if designed in the 16th century, a couple of fascinating pieces of very rare armour bought by the Victoria & Albert Museum give a clue.


Lost shield resurfaces and is sold

21 December 2007

This massive silver-gilt shield of Achilles, by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell of London, lost to scholars for the better part of the 20th century, appeared at Sotheby's on December 18 after resurfacing in Belgium.

Two January Armory fairs under threat

19 November 2007

Stella Show Management have said that Antiques at the Armory, the January 18-20 antiques show at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City, will go ahead as planned.

Upper East Side Armory rent hikes

12 February 2007

NEW YORK’s fairs scene is in some turmoil following a massive rent hike at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the city’s chosen venue for art and antiques fairs.

Downtown Attractions

11 January 2005

NEVER forget there is another armory in Manhattan, the one downtown at Lexington Avenue at 26th Street, and that one hosts some splendid shows throughout the year, starting in 2005 with the appropriately named Antiques at the Armory from January 21 to 23.

Slay bells ring at arms and armour specialists

05 February 2001

UK: OTHER auctioneers may look for a seasonal angle but, as Birmingham arms and armour specialists Weller & Dufty (15 per cent buyer’s premium) are aware, the arms trade is not a natural beneficiary of the Christmas spirit. True, the two murderous six-shot pepperbox pistols, right, could have been carried by a passenger on one of those Christmas card coaches, but they were among the day’s top bids on December 6 for the less sentimental values of rarity and condition.