Entertainment Memorabilia

From autographs to stage costumes, musical instruments to locks of hair, posters to film props, entertainment memorabilia encompasses anything that has an association with celebrities in the world of film, popular music and show business.

Certain celebrities or brands can be bankers like The Beatles, Elvis or Bond Films. Broadly speaking, the closer the direct association an item has with the person to whom it relates, the higher the value will be.

Provenance is key in this sector as an important guide to authenticity.

WEB tony curtis beatles 1-6-17.jpg

Tony Curtis cut-out from Sgt Pepper's album cover up at auction

05 June 2017

You may have, possibly, maybe, perhaps, gleaned by now that 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of all time.

WEB Cassandre normandie 31-5-17.jpg

Opulent Art Deco luxury liner SS Normandie relics sail into auction

31 May 2017

Once a flagship of the glamorous age of luxury liners, redolent of the Art Deco style and dripping with opulence, the SS Normandie ended her days broken up for scrap after being ravaged by fire.


'Britain’s Fabulous Disc Stars' - early Beatles poster ignites bidding battle

30 May 2017

A gig poster advertising as the headline act ‘Britain’s Fabulous Disc Stars!’ sold for £28,000 at the Roger Jones (20% buyer’s premium inc VAT) May 23 auction.

Underground RA

London Underground features in summer auction of vintage posters

29 May 2017

An upcoming auction at AntikBar features a collection of London Underground posters and memorabilia.

WEB 517 gramophone 24-5-17.jpg

Gramophones and early records could be sound investments

25 May 2017

A long time ago, way before music downloads came onto the scene, the latest technology involved phonographs, graphophones and gramophones. Not to mention the phonautograph, of course.

WEB john player 4 23-5-17.jpg

Auction offers original John Player tobacco adverts artwork

24 May 2017

Times change. While tobacco has now assumed a Social Evil status up there with North Korea, not so long ago children would be proudly displayed in an advert clutching a bunch of fags with the words ‘Mummy’s favourite’ underneath.


Beatles auction lots get better all the time

22 May 2017

It has been 50 years since the Beatles released their eighth studio album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to universal acclaim.


The force is strong with new eclectic antiques fair

22 May 2017

If you don’t know which epic film opens with the phrase ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….’ then you may just be living on a different planet.

Disneyland map

‘Most valuable Disneyland artefact ever offered at auction’ heads to Californian saleroom

15 May 2017

More than 1000 Disneyland props and souvenirs are heading to auction in California next month.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling joins police appeal to find stolen Harry Potter prequel

12 May 2017

JK Rowling and the West Midlands Police have issued an appeal to find a stolen handwritten Harry Potter prequel.

WEB psycho burstow 21-4-17.jpg

Watch-tapping Alfred Hitchcock Psycho film poster at auction

24 April 2017

Psycho must have been a frightening enough film in its day even without a menacing poster that greeted cinema-goers.


Rare “Invisible Man” vintage film poster soars to $274,850 at Heritage Auctions

03 April 2017

A poster for the classic film The Invisible Man soared to four times its low estimate at a recent Heritage Auctions sale in Dallas.

WEB dr no capes dunn 14-3-17.jpg

James Bond 'Dr No' film posters produce auction double 0 heaven

15 March 2017

Latest auction results in the film poster market show that for the right designs with a licence to thrill the buyers will follow.

WEB courtyard 1818 A 6-3-17.jpg

Legendary rare 1970s album from Courtyard Music Group sells for £1200

07 March 2017

It will come as no surprise that signed Beatles albums are some of the top sellers in the entertainment memorabilia collecting field. But have you heard of the Courtyard Music Group?

WEB american war posters C.jpg

American First World War propaganda posters flagged up at auction

24 February 2017

Kitchener’s moustache-adorned stern visage staring out with finger extended demanding that you join your country’s army is not only one of the best-known First World War posters but one of the most familiar posters overall.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland collection heads to auction in Oxford

18 January 2017

An auction of 3000 items from the estate of the late antiquarian book dealer Thomas Schuster is big news for fans of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Hendrix guitar

Hendrix guitar leads Bonhams London memorabilia auction

04 January 2017

Guitars owned by music legends Jimi Hendrix and Prince were the stars of Bonhams December 15 Entertainment Memorabilia auction in London.

Astons film poster 1 WEB21-11-16.jpg

War of the Worlds film poster from 1953 on offer at Dudley auction

25 November 2016

The War of the Worlds 1953 British quad film poster is regarded as a scarce must-have in that collecting market.

John Adams

The Presidential Selection: John Adams

01 November 2016

In the run-up to the US election on November 8, Frances Allitt takes a look at the objects previous presidents borrowed, bought – and sometimes broke.

John Lennon letter

Letter from John Lennon to the Queen bought for £10 could earn owner £60,000

29 October 2016

John Lennon’s letter to the Queen returning his MBE could make its £60,000 for the vendor who acquired it for only £10.