Thomas Chippendale

Yorkshire-born Thomas Chippendale is probably the most famous name associated with English cabinetmaking. Born in 1718, he established a successful workshop in Saint Martin’s Lane, supplying prestigious clients with fashionable furniture made from exotic woods for their grand London and Country houses.

His celebrated book of furniture designs from 1754 – The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker’s Director (popularly known as Chippendale’s Director) – was effectively the first furniture design catalogue allowing others to produce pieces in the same fashionable French-inspired style.


The web shop window: Chippendale period satinwood and marquetry desk

17 May 2021

Thousands of items are available to buy from dealers online. Here we pick out one that caught our eye this week.


Chippendale sits comfortably at Masterpiece London

17 June 2019

When Sir Robert Burdett (1716-97), 4th Baron Bramcote, undertook the remodelling of his early 18th century home Foremarke Hall from 1759-62, he contracted Thomas Chippendale to refurnish the house. The cabinet maker – one of several employed in the project – was paid around £1000 for the giltwood seating furniture which is thought to have included at least 10 elbow chairs, two window seats and a sofa.


ATG letter: Chippendale ivory removal is ‘unforgivable’ – furniture dealer Martin Levy

03 September 2018

MADAM – Your news story (‘Ivory removed from Chippendale before sale’, ATG No 2356) draws attention to the deliberate and unforgivable removal of original ivory elements from an important commode by Thomas Chippendale, England’s most famous cabinet maker.


ATG’s Chippendale news story: media reaction

03 September 2018

Our story last week revealed that ivory elements of an important piece of Chippendale furniture, the Rowland Winn commode made c.1766, were removed for its appearance at a Christie’s auction earlier this year, the commode having been imported from the US.


Ivory removed from Chippendale commode before Christie's sale

27 August 2018

Ivory elements of an important piece of Chippendale furniture were removed prior to its appearance at auction earlier this year, ATG has learned.


Items with ivory already threatened

27 August 2018

MADAM – In his letter (ATG No 2355) Michael Baggott references the possibility that, following changes in the law, antiques could be mutilated because of their ivory content.

Robert Copley of Christie's

“The market seems robust”: Christie’s specialist ahead of Thomas Chippendale auction – video

03 July 2018

Ahead of Christie’s dedicated sale this week of 20 lots of Thomas Chippendale furniture, ATG speaks to Christie’s international head of furniture Robert Copley about sourcing for the auction, the state of the market and the star lots.

Partner's desk

Chippendale-period pieces on offer in Peterborough as dealership celebrates 60 years

18 June 2018

Windsor House Antiques is joining in the celebrations around Thomas Chippendale’s (1718-79) tercentenary and its own 60th anniversary offering a number of pieces from the furniture maker’s day.


Happy birthday Thomas Chippendale as series of celebrations take place

05 June 2018

The tercentenary of renowned furniture maker Thomas Chippendale’s birth in Yorkshire this week is the catalyst for activities and exhibitions this year across the UK.


Christie’s sources masterworks for Chippendale tercentenary

28 May 2018

A major test of the market for the best of British furniture will take place in London this summer when Christie’s stages a sale dedicated to Thomas Chippendale.


Chippendale 300 – Events list

24 May 2018

The tercentenary of Chippendale’s birth is the catalyst for the 'Chippendale 300' initiative – a programme of non-selling exhibitions and events held across a range of historic houses, museums and craft organisations.


The Chippendale style and influence

24 May 2018

Chippendale’s move to a modest Kensington terrace house in 1776 probably marked his partial retirement from business at the age of 58. He would remarry the following year but died in 1779 leaving under £29 (not much more than the cost of one of the Dundas giltwood armchairs which sold at £20 each).


A lifetime of Chippendale

24 May 2018

As a name synonymous with English furniture turns 300 years old this year, dealers are hoping the Chippendale 300 initiative can raise the profile of good English period furniture and inject some fresh pride in an historical craft.


The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director – the book that made Chippendale’s name

24 May 2018

Much of Thomas Chippendale’s renown is thanks to his forward-thinking approach to business in the first decades of consumerism – and in particular the creation of a pioneering catalogue of furniture designs in the style of the great architectural books of the period.

‘Dundas sofas’ by of Thomas Chippendale

“One of his greatest designs and beautifully executed” – Christie’s to offer Dundas sofas in Chippendale auction

23 May 2018

Christie’s will offer a pair of ‘Dundas sofas’ at a sale dedicated to Thomas Chippendale furniture in London this summer.


Berwickshire exhibition showcases huge collection of Chippendale furniture for tercentenary

24 April 2018

A historic home in the Scottish Borders presents its substantial collection of furniture in an exhibition celebrating Thomas Chippendale’s (1718-79) tercentenary.


Dealer Ronald Phillips offers 35 key objects in Chippendale selling exhibition at London gallery and Masterpiece this summer

26 March 2018

Ronald Phillips will host an exhibition of Chippendale furniture at its Bruton Street gallery and at Masterpiece London to mark the tercentenary of his birth.


News In Brief - including Chippendale show at London gallery

26 March 2018

A round-up of art and antiques news from the previous seven days, including news of Ronald Phillips' Chippendale exhibition.

Chippendale secretaire

Spectacular Leeds show kicks off Thomas Chippendale anniversary events – video tour

14 February 2018

Furniture maker Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) is 300 years old and across this year a series of events is taking place to mark the tercentenary. Here ATG takes a video tour around Leeds City Museum as the first exhibition was being set up to kick off the celebrations.


Chippendale under 300-year spotlight

12 February 2018

The first of a series of events to mark the tercentenary of Thomas Chippendale’s birth has opened at Leeds City Museum.