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WEB Titanic fur coat 1 25-4-17.jpg

Titanic survivor fur coat worn in lifeboat sells at auction

25 April 2017

The appetite for collecting Titanic memorabilia remains huge judging by the latest dedicated auction in which a fur coat worn by a member of the crew was offered.

Titanic key

Titanic key and postcards among highlights of Henry Aldridge auction

26 October 2016

A key which opened a life-jacket locker on the Titanic was one of the highlights of Henry Aldridge & Son’s auction last week.

Wallace Hartley Violin sold for £1.1m.jpg

Titanic violin sells for a record £900,000

24 October 2013

The violin played by Titanic bandmaster Wallace Hartley as the ship slid beneath the waves on the morning of April 15, 1912, was always going to a) attract massive worldwide interest and b) bring in the big bucks at auction.

13-08-19-2104NE02A tibet photographs.jpg

Photo album reveals a bloody expedition into Tibet

19 August 2013

The battleground is Tibet. Invading troops massacre poorly armed peasant soldiers standing bravely in their way, doomed to defeat against a much more powerful, modern opponent.


Titanic postcard in Wiltshire

25 July 2012

This Titanic postcard has been consigned to White Star Line specialists Henry Aldridge & Son to be included in their sale on July 28 in Devizes, Wiltshire.


New Titanic record set at £220,000

06 June 2011

A VERY large, hand-drawn plan of the Titanic, used in the official inquiry after it sank in 1912, has sold for £220,000 at Wiltshire auction house, Henry Aldridge & Son.

Titanic enthusiasts won’t travel but take top prize

24 April 2003

AMONG all the specialist collecting areas, few can be as specialised or as fervent as the market in items relating to the Titanic. Devizes auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son (15/10% buyer’s premium) have capitalised on the way enthusiasts will pay big money for anything relating to the doomed liner by holding two specialist sales a year, in April and in September.

Return to the nursery with Attwell’s easel

21 January 2003

The easel that was used to create some of the most celebrated nursery images of the 20th century will be going under the hammer later on this month.

Titanic badge surfaces at £11,000

23 August 1999

UK: LURKING in the depths of a maritime sale at Henry Aldridge & Son (10 per cent buyer’s premium) in Devizes, Wiltshire, on July 21, was this badge, the most expensive Edwardian badge ever sold at auction.