VAT Regulations

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VAT lobby to form trade federation

18 September 2013

Campaigners against changes in VAT that affect showground fairs met for the first time at a crisis summit in London. They now intend to form a trade federation to fight the changes.

Nelson and IACF to charge VAT on stands

03 September 2013

Nelson Events and IACF have announced that they will start charging reduced rate VAT on stands at their fairs from October 1. In a letter to ATG this week, they explain why they have been forced into this move, albeit reluctantly.

VAT threat to fairs could be imminent

07 August 2013

Fair organisers IACF say they may be forced to charge dealers VAT on stalls this year – even as they launch a legal appeal against new Revenue rules demanding the levy.

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VAT threat to dealers at antiques fairs

09 July 2013

Dealers standing at fairs across the UK will soon face a 20% rise in stall rents as HM Revenue & Customs enforce new VAT rules.

Dealers told to prepare for import VAT changes now

20 June 2013

Changes to the temporary import VAT scheme this month could have a major impact on dealers’ cash flow if they do not complete the necessary paperwork soon.

New scam guide targets unwitting dealers over VAT

20 May 2013

A new and alarming scam guide is targeting the trade with demands linked to European Union regulations and focusing on VAT.

Light installation is only a work of art when switched on, say European Commission

23 December 2010

DO light, sound and video installations constitute works of art? Not according to the European Commission, who have unexpectedly reversed a decision made in a UK tax tribunal in 2008, and refused to classify works by established contemporary artists Dan Flavin (b.1933) and Bill Viola (b.1951) as “art”.

Book dealers the focus of business rates debate

09 November 2009

CECIL Court, the pedestrian thoroughfare in the West End of London that is home to around 20 antiquarian book dealers, has become the focus of a wider political debate on business rates.

Support rolls in for Sandon petition

26 May 2009

THE petition to persuade the Government to ease business rates in support of the art and antiques industry is gathering momentum.

VAT boost for Paris jewellery

26 January 2009

THE appeal of Paris as an auction centre for jewellery received a boost at the start of the year, when France slashed import VAT on “rare” or “high value” jewellery from 19.6 per cent to 5.5 per cent.

Ruling saves video art from import VAT hike

19 January 2009

VIDEO art and other installations now legally count as sculpture for import purposes after a court ruling in a dispute over VAT.

Import VAT at auction now stands at 17.5 per cent

02 September 2006

The decision to scrap the UK discount on import VAT for works of art bought at auction comes into effect on September 1.

EU ruling raises level of import VAT on auctioneers' commissions

14 February 2006

THE European Court of Human Justice has scrapped the UK discount on import VAT for works of art in relation to auctioneers' commissions.

BAMF ease Import VAT fears

08 March 2005

A POSSIBLE hike in import VAT linked to works of art sold in the UK is not the threat some fear, says British Art Market Federation chairman Anthony Browne.

July price hikes for UK eBay sellers

23 June 2003

In addition to the implementation of VAT on seller fees reported in last week’s issue, eBay will introduce a number of substantial price increases from July 1. Most likely to upset eBay users is the imposition of a 1% charge on items carrying reserves in excess of £100. Previously that fee was just a flat rate of £1.20.

eBay to charge VAT from July

17 June 2003

New European Union regulations regarding the collection of VAT on digital services mean that eBay will begin collecting VAT on seller fees from July 1.

TEFAF relaunch attack on Import VAT and EU rules

24 February 2003

Scrap it or at least make life easier for the trade, new study demands: THE European Union should look again at the whole issue of Import VAT and art market red tape, say The European Fine Art Foundation.

Customs relax Import VAT rules for art

02 May 2002

PRESSURE from the British Art Market Federation has persuaded the Government to relax Import VAT rules on art that are thought to have damaged legitimate trade.

The Budget

23 April 2002

“Thank goodness he didn’t put up VAT”, said one dealer in response to Gordon Brown’s budget – the worst fears of the trade did not come true last week.

VAT changes bring red tape

04 March 2002

Echoes of the Kent County Council Bill can be discerned in changes announced to the VAT secondhand margin scheme (notice 718). Dealers who use a system called Global Accounting to calculate VAT on profit margins will have to keep a record of the names and addresses of sellers on purchase invoices – a main requirement of the Kent Bill – when the changes come into force on July 31 this year.